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Journal: I want Slashdot without the ACs.

Journal by LWATCDR

Yes I admit it I am tired of the idiot ACs that post on Slashdot. Really just make people log in and even allow them to hide there Nick when posting but at least give them the karma hit when they post something foul and and or racist. It is not like Slashdot karma is important in the real world so the chilling effect should be very low.

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Journal: Non-popularity of Open Source

Journal by Okian Warrior

Apropos my recent post outlining why open source is not very popular.

I've spent some time researching useability, both in computer software and other areas.

The post was necessarily brief - it only outlined 5 general trends and was light on context, explanation, and supporting examples.

A better treatment would explain all the trends that I see (perhaps a dozen) with more explicit explanations for each. Unfortunately that's not appropriate for a blog post [Slashdot] comment.


Journal: Thoughts on Time's POY 2010 Article on Mark Zuckerberg

Journal by ideonexus
This article had its ups and downs, mostly downs. Here's my thoughts...

"There are other people who can write code as well as Zuckerberg â" not many, but some â""

If the Time profile of Zuckerberg is acurate, then I think even he would be offended by this statement.

"Websites entreat you to log onto them using your Facebook ID â" the New York Times does, and so do Myspace and YouTube."

Hmmm... So does Time. Great job on the full disclosure principle there.

"Right now the Internet is like an empty wasteland: you wander from page to page, and no one is there but you."

Right, because all World Wide Web content is produced by robots.

Facebook wants to populate the wilderness, tame the howling mob and turn the lonely, antisocial world of random chance into a friendly world, a serendipitous world. You'll be working and living inside a network of people, and you'll never have to be alone again. The Internet, and the whole world, will feel more like a family, or a college dorm, or an office where your co-workers are also your best friends.

It'll be a wonderful land of lollypops and puppies and kittens! Privacy concerns? No worries:

"If "liking" an ad the same way you "like" a news article or a photo of your spouse seems creepy to you â" it's more or less the definition of what Marx called commodity fetishism â" you don't have to do it."

If you have privacy concerns, then GO BACK TO YOUR COLD LONELY INTERNET COMMIE!!!

"Zuckerberg has a talent for understanding how people work, but one urge, the urge to conceal, seems to be foreign to him. Sometimes Facebook makes it harder than it should be. It is biased in favor of sharing. That is, after all, what Facebook is for."

Facebook isn't leaking your personal information to make money, they're doing it because they genuinely misunderstand why people need to keep some things private. Why do you have a problem with this? What's wrong with you? Do you have some secret perverse sexual fetish? Are you performing criminal activities? When did you stop beating your wife?

I did like this thoughtful paragraph:

But what makes life complicated in the postmodern technocratic aquarium we're collectively building is that there actually are good reasons to want to hide things. Just because you present a different face to your co-workers and your family doesn't mean you're leading a double life. That's just normal social functioning, psychology as usual. Identity isn't a simple thing; it's complex and dynamic and fluid. It needs to flex a little, the way a skyscraper does in a high wind, and your Facebook profile isn't built to flex.

But then it goes to the other extreme of The Social Network's Gonna make you demented:

An article published earlier this year in European Psychiatry presented the case of a woman who lost her job to a Facebook addiction, and the authors suggested that it could become an actual diagnosable ailment. (The woman in question couldn't even make it through an examination without checking Facebook on her phone.) Facebook is supposed to build empathy, but since 2000, Americans have scored higher and higher on psychological tests designed to detect narcissism, and psychologists have suggested a link to social networking.

I do totally dig this quote, which mirrors my opinion of twitter:

Now Facebook is the bottle, and we're the genie. How small are we willing to make ourselves to fit inside?

What a journalist rollercoaster! The article was all over the place, but it does give me a more favorable opinion of Zuckerberg, a less favorable opinion of Facebook, lots of concerns about adapting myself to the social network instead of it adapting to me, and now, if you'll excuse me, I must go break this comment down into 50+ tweets.

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Journal: The Law for Lawyers and Non-Law for Non-Lawyers Manifesto: A Call to Arms, Legs, 1

Journal by John Allsup


We demand the right not to be treated as lawyers, by laywers, subjugated under the will of a legal system run by lawyers. We've just had enough "legal fertilizer probably legally obtained from a possibly illegally owned cow's rear end" and "ignorance of the law is no excuse".

Well (Non-)Ignorance of the (Non-)Law (respectively subect to the existence of at least one Non) is equally No Excuse.

So hear our Non-Law and take your Law of Lawwers, by Lawyers, of Lawyers and for Lawyers back to you planet of Law and leave us in peace to explore the rest of the Universe.

Important Non-Legal point:

By adding to this document, you are declaring Your intention to lay down Your life if required to do so in the event that You are required to Die so that Your inconsistent addition may be removed for the sake of all others.

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Journal: AMDs new CPUs

Journal by LWATCDR

AMD has released their new CPUs. Other than the low clock speed they look great. They are very fast for the clock speed and have made some real big jumps in SSE performance. The really big win is in power use. They use no more power than the dual cores they replace.
Now the big question. What about the CPUs for notebooks. Quad cores are very exciting but the real truth is that very few people need a quad core CPU. If they can really get the low power version of these CPUs down to the 50 watt level then what can they do with a duel core version? Could we see a 30 watt dual core for notebooks? Maybe a 50 watt duel core with a GPU for notebooks and desktops?

These server chips are very interesting but I think that wee will see a lot more interesting stuff in the consumer area.

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Journal: New iPods

Journal by LWATCDR

Apple will be coming out with new iPods very soon.
I will go out on a limb a make a wild guess about the future iPods.
I think we will see an iPod with 160 gigabyte drive and Wi-Fi and or bluetooth.
Why Wi-Fi and or bluetooth?
Simple, they will allow you to stream content to your iPhone!
You will get the big screen and good battery life of an iPhone with a massive amount of storage on your iPod.
You don't believe that Apple would want people to just buy an iPhone do you?

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Journal: Website Ads

Journal by LWATCDR

I admit it. I use adblock and I wish I didn't have too.
I do not have any problem with web ads. I don't block Google ads because they don't get in my way. Web ads are a good way for websites to make money. They are sometimes even useful. Ads are in themselves not evil. It just that some ads drive me to block whole domains.
Some ads are so distracting that they generate not interest but hate. Here are some tips on how not to be hated.
1. No Flash! Flash banners get blocked every time!
2. No animation! Why do I block Flash all the time? Because animated ads make me crazy. If you don't loop the animation then it isn't so bad but most in general animated ads are just too distracting. They create in me hatred and not interest.
3. No sound. I am reading I like quite. Again it generates hatred and not interest.
4. Don't stick them in the middle of the text of what I am reading! Put them at the top or off to one side.
5. Intellitxt ads. You have seen them on websites certain words in the story are links with big honking tool-tip when your cursor moves over them. HATE THEM they make reading the site next to impossible and are just annoying. BLOCKED always. Just put this in your adblocker ** you will thank me.
6. Make them small. Really nothing is worse than half the page being eaten up by ads.

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Journal: Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn far from perfect....

Journal by LWATCDR

Just finished installing Ubuntu Feisty Fawn x64. I had the typical 64 bit problems but I also had some that are really annoying and frankly just shouldn't be problems.
The first problem is that Ubuntu just couldn't detect my monitor. Now the thing that I find unacceptable is that OpenSuse's SAX2 can find and configure it. Opensuse isn't perfect but SAX2 seems to be the best X configuration tool around. It is also FOSS so here is the big question. Why doesn't Ubuntu use it?
The next problem is that I can get my WiFi on my notebook to work. The driver for my wifi card is in kernel and I can see my WAP but I can not connect to it! What is worse is I am not the only one. The Ubuntu Forum has a several threads about WiFi just not working.

So why is Feisty Fawn getting such rave reviews? Does Ubuntu have a reality distortion field that rivals Apples? Is the OSS community afraid of being critical? The thing is it is so close but frankly I feel OpenSuse is a better desktop then Feisty Fawn.

Well I am downloading the 32 bit version and see if that impresses me any more. And of course I am downloading the latest from OpenSuse for my notebook.

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Journal: Well... where to begin! 1

Journal by Mysticalfruit
Well... Things haven't improved much since my last posting I see!

North Korea tested a nuke...kinda. I guess it misfired or something. Good thing they don't have weapons of mass destruction and are hell bent on destroying the world like Iraq was... oh wait. Oh their country doesn't have a strategic commoditity on it. I wonder what'll happen with Kim Jong-il chokes on a bon-bon and slinks off this mortal coil. Hopefully cooler heads will pervail, though I highly doubht that.

I suppose I have to talk about Iraq. I'm not sure what else to really say about it. Our government and by extension, us fucked up. That's right, we're to blame. Luckily in the last election those of us who voted explained in clear language we thought that Congress rolling over and not providing any oversight and giving the president a blank check was a mistake that they should lose their jobs. I could go on about this, but so much has been said and written that I think my musing about it would merely be a full repeat. However, go read "Fiasco" by Thomas Hicks. It's horrifyingly educating, but like anything else, realize that your seeing one side of the argument and keep that in mind.

There's something that a good freind of mine said and I'll repeat it here because I think it's really intelligent point of view on the overarching "War on Terrorism". I'm at best paraphrasing, but you'll get the jist.

After September 11th, George Bush had an opportunity to take this country in a different direction. He in that single moment in history could have stood up at the podium and said "Listen the people of America. Those who just attacked us, were funded by us. Everytime you fill your tank, you're funding terrorism. America will no longer be beholden to the oil barrens of the middle east. I propose by the end of this decade that America will cure itself of it's oil addiction. I know that this will be hard and America will have to sacrfice, but I know that our tenacious spirit and unparalled wisdom will prevail." He could have then gone on to explain how we were going to build massive wind farms and decommission all of our oil fired power plants. How we were going to build massive Thermal depolymerization plants that would turn our organic waste into usable oil. He could have mandated that the big three and any auto maker that wanted to sell cars in America would have to meet super strict emission and fuel economy standards.

And you know what, we would have gone along with it. We as a nation would have looked at the craters in NY and the blacked facade at the pentagon and said "Your right, we need to change course". We all know that oil is a dead end enterprise. That at some point we're going to have to get off that bandwagon. However, the future argument is always made. The idea that over the horizon is some super techology that's going to fix everything. Well, unless we start working now, that super technology might never come.

Tragically, instead we went down this path instead. Five years later and we're arguably in a more precarious security situation. Our military is streched to the limit. We're using use more oil then we've ever used.
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Journal: 2006

Journal by smash
Well, time for my bi-annual journal update...

Since last post, I've quit my old job, worked freelance for 6 months, scored a new job, and just about gotten myself out of debt :)

I'm not working on a remote minesite, doing all sorts of geek stuff, ranging from wireless networking, to PABX configuration, to AD administration, to firewalling, to maintaining a large cisco spanning tree ethernet network, etc.

All good fun and a huge learning opportunity.

Looking to actually do some courses at some point in the near future, with a view to actually *learning* stuff i don't yet know, as opposed to just scoring paper certs for stuff I can do in my sleep.

Considering Java app development, as it seems to be fairly multipurpose, and well entrenched.

In my spare time, I've decided to get into club level motorsport - JDM spec Nissan 180sx with around 300hp at the rears, coilovers, sway bars, etc, etc...

And that's pretty much it.

Will try to update this more regularly :)


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Journal: Power back after 9 days

Journal by LWATCDR

Yes we got our power back last night after 9 days. Once FPL sent the second truck and I showed them where the problem was it took all of 5 Minutes to get us back up! Yes the first truck came while I was at work and they "couldn't" find the problem so they left. FPL still sucks.

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Journal: Florida Power and Light

Journal by LWATCDR

FPL sucks. They are the worst company in the world. Why? We got hit by a cat two hurricane! Guess what no power a week+ later! I have power at work but my house is dark and we have no water! After a week we are still bathing out of water I stored before the storm! No help from FEMA or the county government to speak of! If you have never been without power for a week you have no idea just how bad it is!
FPL needs to be account for this massive failure! This is Florida and hurricanes happen! A category 2 is not even considered a major hurricane. If peoples homes, cars, and most places of business can survive with little to know damage then why not the power grid?

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