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Comment Re:Subpoenas and the right against self-incriminat (Score 1) 107

A court does, law enforcement does not. If you are stopped by a cop or fed or other LEO and they ask you for your identity, you are under no obligation to tell them.

You are correct in that they can't just randomly stop you and ask for ID, however they can if they have probable cause to believe that you were involved in illegal activity, which even SCOTUS has upheld:


Comment Re:Subpoenas and the right against self-incriminat (Score 2) 107

Police and prosecutors absolutely can demand the people turn over passwords

That doesn't make sense to me because a password is the "what you know" authentication factor. And what would stop somebody from saying they forgot the password?

Now a fingerprint on the other hand is "who you are" and the government does have the right to make you identify "who you are" not only to law enforcement but to the courts as well.

The third authenticaiton factor "what you have" (i.e. smart card, key fob) could be compelled to be turned over only if the government can prove that not only does it exist, but that you actually have it too.

Comment Re:Clickbait (Score 1) 107

Admittedly I haven't read TFA, what has me scratching my head is how they know that this phone belonged to one of the San Bernadino killers. Perhaps they know who the phones belong to, but what makes them think the owner is one of the San Bernadino killers? Perhaps they already have other evidence and they don't actually need any backdoors?

Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 1) 435

The field wouldn't exists without government grants for the research.

Are you suggesting that only private industry should be allowed to fund research? That would mean only research that could result in profits would be funded. That can't possibly be what you're saying, but considering your other notions, I can't rule out the possibility that's what you think.

Comment Re:partway there! (Score 1) 61

That's right. This is HyperTEXT Markup Language we are talking about here. No images or scripts!

This is the sort of crap that is allowed to happen to perfectly good academic projects when those commercial folks get their hooks into it.

I drew the line at NCSA Mosaic's perversion of my beloved HTML and I haven't looked back.

Comment Re:The science is not settled (Score 1) 435

You'd think, wouldn't you?

You have NO idea.

(the first few are mostly sane because they contain the debunking to it, la-la-land starts somewhere around the 5th video, reaching "outright batshit insane" at the 10th video mark).

So in case you wonder "who the fuck votes those idiots into power", realize this: These people can and do vote.

Comment Re:well, that's good (Score 1) 61

Because only someone looking for lawsuits and lost business allows something, takes payment for it, and then rips that shit out from under you because they suddenly don't like it. That's why.

Flash sucks, but it's not as simple as dropping it overnight. By doing this, Google is drawing the line in the sand, but allowing their customers to make the needed changes so that this can be absorbed by their customers without trauma. Sounds good to me.

In the meantime, just keep blocking Flash like you already were.

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