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Comment: Re:KVM (Score 1) 268

by deanoaz (#32247012) Attached to: Linux 2.6.34 Released
>>> Of all the major linux distro's only OpenSuSE still ships with Xen, redhat, centos, fedora, debian and ubuntu are all kvm only and have been for quite some time.

Redhat isn't KVM only. In fact, after I do a kernel update I often have to manually set it back to booting the non-XEN kernel because it switches to it by default.

Comment: I suggest we put 'celebrity' on hold instead (Score 1) 865

by deanoaz (#31680018) Attached to: James Lovelock Suggests Suspending Democracy To Save the World
I've been thinking for a while now that our world can no longer afford the vast and growing number of celebrities that compete for our attention and our economic output. If a cap were put on the number of celebrities, at say 15% of the number that now exist, and new ones could only be created when an existing one had died and been forgotten, then the total impact to the environment and the economy would be vastly reduced. The number of pages in the tabloids would drop by a factor of five at least, saving countless trees. The number of jet trips to film festivals and book signings would be likewise drastically chopped.

Comment: Re:The Audi 5000S had such an issue (Score 1) 913

by deanoaz (#31000564) Attached to: Toyota Pedal Issue Highlights Move To Electronics
I don't think your incident relates to the claims which prompted the recall. The claims were that the cars would jump into gear by themselves and go to full throttle while stopped, or making a low speed maneuver, like parking. Driver error was the only explanation that really fit the facts.

Comment: Re:The Audi 5000S had such an issue (Score 1) 913

by deanoaz (#30979082) Attached to: Toyota Pedal Issue Highlights Move To Electronics
I remember it differently.
There was nothing wrong with the cars at all, just terrible drivers. The exact same cars had no problems in Europe, only in the U.S.
If fact, my recollection of this Audi incident and how it turned out the cars were not to blame at all makes me wonder if Toyota isn't getting the same kind of unearned image problem today.

Comment: Re:Optimum setup (Score 1) 628

by deanoaz (#30079726) Attached to: At My Computer Desk, I Use...
>>> There's actually rdesktop available on Linux.

It's good too. I converted both my work PCs to Red Hat and have my Windows XP environment running on one of them under KVM. I rdesktop to it from either Red Hat box and it works for 99% of what I need to do in Windows. If I could figure out how to get reliable USB connections with the Windows VM it would be 100%.

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