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Comment: I swtiched to Mac... (Score 1) 815

by deadgoon42 (#43088281) Attached to: Gnome Founder Miguel de Icaza Moves To Mac
... but it only boots Ubuntu. I have a 2008 MacBook that belonged to my fiancee. It was slow to the point of unusable on OS X Leopard, even after upping the ram to 4GB. Finally I gave her my Windows machine which she loves and took her MacBook. I installed a Raring daily on it and it's working like a champ. The hardware is fine, but the Mac OS is crap. It's slow as hell (I've owned a MacBook and an iBook in the past). I guess maybe if I had a Pro it would be faster, but why would they even release low end hardware that doesn't have the horsepower to run their OS? Doesn't make sense to me. So anyway, here I am using a Mac, but it's straight Linux for me (unless Ubuntu decides that they aren't getting the features they want from Linux and switch to a BSD kernel... yeah, I went there).

Comment: Re:HP used to be good (Score 4, Interesting) 117

by deadgoon42 (#42427029) Attached to: Autonomy Chief Says Whitman Is Watering Down HP Fraud Claims
You just hit the nail on the head of why customers and employees of once great companies now hate those companies. Their management knows little to nothing about the business itself, they only know how to look at a spreadsheet and run a trend chart. At my last job, we spent most of our time making charts go up and boxes turn green. These had little to no positive effect on our business and often just made things worse. If things got too bad, we'd just make up numbers or manipulate them in such a way as to make them what the managers wanted. Since the managers didn't know anything about the real world happenings, they were none the wiser. A terrible way to run a business, but it seems that's how most are run nowadays.

The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent. -- Sagan