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Twitter Prepared To Name Users 292

Posted by samzenpus
from the tattle-tweet dept.
whoever57 writes "Ryan Gibbs, a UK footballer (soccer player) had obtained a 'superinjunction' that prevented him being named as the person involved in an affair with a minor celebrity. However, he was named by various users on Twitter. Now, in response to legal action initiated by Mr. Giggs in the UK courts against the users, Twitter has stated that it is prepared to identify the users who broke the injunction if it was 'legally required' to do so. Twitter will attempt to notify the users first in order to give them an opportunity to exercise their rights."

Comment: Re:here's a hint (Score 1) 293

by deaddrunk (#14992993) Attached to: SpaceX's Falcon 1 Destroyed During Maiden Voyage
To be able to say that something is impossible, you need absolute evidence of the fact otherwise someone with more vision will make a fool of you in the future. Saying for example that FTL is impossible just because nothing in nature does it is a fallacy. There are plenty of things humans do that are 'unnatural', how many other creatures on this planet deliberately take drugs, cook their food, kill other animals for any other reason than food or pack dominance. The whole history of humankind sees ingenious people going against the accepted wisdom and coming up with new ideas. It would be better to say something's "impossible with our current technology" than to say "it can't be done".

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