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by deadboy2000 (#45191533) Attached to: DHHS Preparing 'Tech Surge' To Fix Remaining Issues
Nice to meet you. I work in the health care industry, there are groups at my company that have been focused on the ramifications of the ACA since it was passed, and our general consensus is that it's entirely manageable. The only fear, uncertainty, or doubt that I see is coming from the tragically misinformed, and those with an underhaded agenda!

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How about we let individuals and businesses decide where they're going to put their R&D money, not some ivory-tower bureaucrats who are firmly removed from reality?


Well, "individuals and business" seem to think that Baconnaise and Chocolate Chip Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick are the best way to spend R&D money, so . . . no.

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by deadboy2000 (#27483559) Attached to: Tesla Releases First Official Photos of Model S Sedan

It's a reasonably well thought-out system.

I believe you that it's been thought-out, but I still quesiton the principle -- it creates a point of failure where none exited before, for no real purpose.

What about this one: Say I'm exiting my car at the shopping mall, and I happen to hesitate for a moment as I pass by the trunk. A helicopter happens to be passing overhead, so I don't notice sound of the lock opening, and I walk away none the wiser. A thief comes up behind me and steals my golf clubs.

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by deadboy2000 (#27364463) Attached to: Senator Proposes Nonprofit Status For Newspapers

Maybe instead of shooting your mouth off you can make the observation that liberals and conservatives think the media is biased against their respective positions. Both sides dutifully drink the Kool Aid served up to them by whomever they consider a trustworthy source.

Now *you're* pretending to be unbiased. Both sides are not equally right -- to say that they are would be dismissing the argument. Most of the time, which side is right simply depends on your point of view.

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But what makes anyone think that proximity of the owner is the determinant of whether the door should be locked? If I'm sitting in a cafe a few feet away, or I just have my back turned in a bad part of town, shouldn't I be able to lock the stupid door? For that matter, what if I want to lock the door for safety while I'm inside?

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