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Comment: No ban has yet been passed. (Score 1) 294

by de la mettrie (#31560754) Attached to: Switzerland Passes Violent Games Ban

The summary and TFA is inaccurate. As this Swissinfo article explains, the Swiss parliament has not yet passed a law providing for a ban. They have passed a motion, which is a request that the government propose a bill that provides for a ban. Parliament must still discuss and vote on that proposed bill, and if it adopts that bill as a law, it will be made subject to a nationwide referendum if 50,000 voters request it.

Comment: Re:This is how it's done where I'm from... (Score 1) 613

Same thing here in Switzerland. Where I live, there's a website for securely filling out your tax return (, and everything is pre-filled with the data from last year. You make the necessary changes and print out a single confirmation sheet to sign and mail back.


Ancient Ecosystem Found In Ice Pocket 49

Posted by timothy
from the so-it's-not-a-traditional-honeymoon-suite dept.
ApharmdB writes "Beneath a glacier in Antarctica, scientists have discovered a community of microbes growing in frigid pools of salty water. It's a particularly tough environment, with no light, no oxygen, and extremely cold temperatures. But the microbes appear to live — and thrive — off a combination of iron and sulfur, according to a new study. The result of that strange metabolism is a brilliant red streak of cascading ice called Blood Falls."

+ - EU Court Upholds Microsoft Antitrust Judgment

Submitted by de la mettrie
de la mettrie (27199) writes "The European Court of First Instance has denied Microsoft's appeal of an EU antitrust order to share communications code with rivals and sell a copy of Windows without Media Player. In upholding the $613 million fine, the court decided that European Commission did not err in finding Microsoft guilty of monopoly abuse. The judgment, accessible online on the court's website, can be appealed to the European Court of Justice within 2 months."

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