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Comment Re:Actual benefit in regular use vs. SATA3 SSD? (Score 1) 117

So they post the specs and the first thing people talk about is how specs don't mean anything. Is shaving off boot time really your higher priority? Most people don't boot more than once a day, if not once a week. So what if it takes 2 more seconds to boot compared to a SATA3 drive. Most people's usage would never see the difference between a SATA1 and SATA3 SSD and for the ones that really do need serious read/write like video editors or music composers with huge sample libraries, the 2.4GB/s speed is massive. Playing a few 4k video streams flawlessly is no small task and not having raid a few SATA SSDs is a cost worthy convenience. It will be welcomed by the people who actually can use it.

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

... as a grown man just having a couple glasses of wine with a meal out can get your dangerously close to the legal level, when in reality you are just fine to drive.

I don't think you understand the concept of using BAC to determine impairment. It doesn't matter how big or small you are, it's about the concentration of alcohol in your blood. The only difference between a large person and a small person is the amount of alcohol they need to consume to reach .08mg/100ml in their blood. Impairment has to do with the brain, not the rest of the body. A person weighing 90lbs can have the same brain size as a 400lb person, and with the same BAC, their impairment will be remarkably similar.

Comment Re:CryptoWall (Score 1) 463

Question... If the ransomware encrypts the entire drive it must leave the system bootable. Hoe else does one apply the decryption key? And if it does leave the OS in tact, would that be a place you could store some files, in theory? I know that's not advised but would (some) system folders be skipped in the encryption?

Comment Re:technology! (Score 2) 67

I wouldn't call those jackasses bandwidth hogs (or jackasses). They are paying a rate set by the VPN provider and that's that. If the VPN provider wasn't making money they would up the rates, or cap bandwidth. They're doing neither. Bandwidth usage is not as expensive as the providers would like you to think. In Canada the the big ISPs (Rogers, Bell..) are mandated to provide wholesale service to smaller resellers (e.g. to increase competition and choice. Resellers are able to resell the exact same services the big guys offer, at 2-4 times the cap and at 2/3 the price. In some cases they offer true unlimited still cheaper than the paltry caps the incumbents sell for. Small to medium size businesses generally get unlimited data and in most cases don't pay much more than residential for compatible speeds. The way it's supposed to be.

Comment Re:Uber's in a completely different market (Score 1) 183

I agree. I never understood tipping someone for just doing their job. I sort of understand tipping in restaurants, because the staff are underpaid and minimum wage for wait staff is less than the regular minimum wage (at least here in Ontario). But for taxis? It's $4.25 just to get in a taxi in Toronto, then often you have to explain how to get to where you're going. Forget it. I will often round to the nearest dollar for efficiency sake but people that tip 15% or more are out of their minds.

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