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dcowart's Journal: Opensuse on Sparc

Journal by dcowart

I got my Sun blade 100 in and am working on getting OpenSuSE 10 ported to it. I had to install gentoo on it first. Emerge somethings, rpm, bzip2, etc... I pulled all the rpmbuild macro files from an i586 opensuse box and replaced the /usr/lib/rpm installed macros (from redhat). That gives me something like a suse rpm build environment. I then had to fix up the /usr/lib/rpm/sparc64-linux/macros file to include some things suse sticks in the other arches and remove the redhat/gentoo things. I also had to remove the -m64 flag to the gcc opts b/c it conflicts with long_double_64 for some reason.

This has been a week long project and it's starting to actually build packages well now. The first steps were just in getting things working.

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Opensuse on Sparc

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