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Comment: I've implemented something similar (Score 4, Interesting) 90

I've implemented a similar solution for one of my web apps.
It encrypts the data in the client with a password that they provide before it gets sent to the server. The client also decrypts the value when it receives it from the server.
The password is kept in LocalStorage (a feature of HTML5) so that it is never transmitted to the server.
Assuming the client application is not compromised, this is a great way to keep data secret even from the service operator.

Unfortunately, you won't see this scheme implemented in many apps because almost everyone's business model these days is all about scraping your data for use by advertisers.


Google Ordered To Remove Anti-Islamic Film From YouTube 321

Posted by Soulskill
from the for-reasons-you-might-not-expect dept.
cold fjord writes "The Verge reports, 'Google and YouTube must scrub all copies of Innocence of Muslims, a low-budget anti-Islam film that drew international protest in 2012, at the behest of an actress who says she received death threats after being duped into a role. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has granted a temporary takedown order on behalf of Cindy Lee Garcia, who filed a copyright claim against Google in an attempt to purge the video from the web. While actors usually give up the right to assert copyright protection when they agree to appear in a film, Garcia says that not only was she never an employee in any meaningful sense, the finished film bore virtually no relation to the one she agreed to appear in. In a majority opinion, Judge Alex Kozinski said she was likely in the right.' — Techdirt has extensive commentary on the ruling that's worth reading. It seems likely there will be an appeal, with the distinct possibility that Google and the MPAA will be on the same side."

Comment: Theo's request is pretty.... specific (Score 1) 277

by xombo (#45973197) Attached to: OpenBSD Looking At Funding Shortfall In 2014

He wants to find a Canadian company that will, on an annually recurring basis, shift all the hydro expenses from one utility account to said company's utility account.

This is such a specific ask that I doubt it will be successful.

He needs to do something like a Kickstarter campaign or just accept donations. It's not difficult to setup a not-for-profit in Canada such that your tax implications would be negligible (if anything). The whole thing is considered an R&D expense, anyway, if he wanted to go the for-profit route. If anything, he'd receive a tax credit for it if he booked it on his personal or small business expenses.

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