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Comment: Re:Heck, we probably already fund them (Score 1) 125

by dcollins (#47555181) Attached to: The NSA's New Partner In Spying: Saudi Arabia's Brutal State Police

None of these count as either citations, or even support your original statements. (a) A citation is a short on-topic quote with reference on where to find it -- it is not the entirety of a book, video, or article. (b) All of these sources actually say that Israelis are to blame, except that some Israeli military spokesperson makes a claim that "maybe" Hamas is to blame. I don't see anything here about your GP claim that "You mean the hospital where snipers were shooting at soldiers? Bet you also turn a blind eye to them transporting terrorists around in ambulances.", it's completely off-topic.

Congratulations, I am now even more convinced that you are a BS propagandist. Try again if you like.

Comment: Re:Where are the buggy whip dealers? (Score 1) 513

"Way below the margin of error."

False. Sample size and margin of error aren't even commensurable quantities (not even same units). The only requirements for estimating a population proportion are (a) a random sample, and (b) at least 5 "yes" and 5 "no" responses in the sample. As someone else pointed out, the margin of error here would be about 14%, at the 95% confidence level, assuming a randomized sample. (Weiss, Introductory Statistics, 9E, Section 12.1.)

Ladies and gentlemen: The parent post is what it looks like when someone tries to BS you with fancy words that they don't understand.

Comment: Re:But what IS the point they're making? (Score 1) 318

"A lot of this hysterical screaming about how we're destroying the planet seems a lot like hubris. On certain level, the idea that we have that much power pleases the egos of some people."

Holy god, these "argument by hubris and ego" debates are so fucking stupid. Look, they can always be flipped around the other way: "People believing they can exponentially expand in population without suffering the same limits as any other species sounds like hubris. The idea that we can do whatever we want without consequences pleases the ego of people."

See? It always cuts both ways, Such a stupid thing to hang an argument on. Scientific data or GTFO.

Comment: Re: Not news (Score 1) 318

Guys like him fantasize about living in a sci-fi film so bad (Blade Runner, Foundation series, Martian Chronicles, whatever) that they will the poetically tragic destruction of life on Earth, so long as it better motivates us to become spacemen. The first might happen, the second won't, but they do like to imagine.

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