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Submission + - Help send these OSU students to!

dclatfel writes: "I've never been a huge fan of cyber-panhandling, but you have to give it up for these four OSU students who are trying to raise $2500 a piece for a trip to Sydney for Please check out their page — and if you have the means, add a little extra good karma back into the universe by contributing anything you can. I'm not affiliated with these guys, but I know what a good experience a conference can be, and I'd like to see them make their goal. Thanks!"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Community forming to "crack" the stock mar

dclatfel writes: "A new website has popped up with the ambitious goal of using cutting edge analytics to "crack" (as in predict or understand) the stock market. All comers are welcome. Currently the site houses 10 years worth of daily stock data and the site motto is "Share data. Share code. Share ideas. Share the wealth." Rock on."

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