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Comment: Re:Search engine misfeature still there (Score 2) 167

by dbug78 (#46158961) Attached to: Firefox 27 Released: TLS 1.2 Support, SPDY 3.1, SocialAPI Improvements

The workaround here is to use keywords:
Click the engine dropdown in the search box and choose Manage Search Engines.
Create keywords for the search engines you care about (eg. 'g' for google, 'wp' for wikipedia, 'd' for, etc).
Perform searches in the Awesome Bar by typing "<keyword> <search terms>" and ignore the search box (except to configure more search engines and/or keywords).


Gunman Opens Fire At LAX 520

Posted by Soulskill
from the this-keeps-happening dept.
McGruber tips news that today at 9:30AM PST, a man removed an assault rifle from a bag at Los Angeles International Airport and opened fire. The shooter moved into the screening area, and then further into the terminal. One TSA agent was killed; roughly six more people were injured. The gunman was a ticketed passenger. (Early reports suggested he worked for the TSA — this does not seem to be the case.) Police engaged him in gunfire, and he's now in custody. His motive is unknown at this time.

Comment: Re:They also shoveled search in. (Score 1) 365

The context menu search has always defaulted to the engine selected in the search box. Mine has remained set to Google and is not even one of the options I have, so I'm thinking maybe something else has hijacked your settings. Either that or you've changed it yourself without realizing.

Comment: Re:More Info Please... (Score 5, Informative) 123

by dbug78 (#42828229) Attached to: Ancestor of All Placental Mammals Revealed

science doesn't deal with facts

Uh, what? Facts are the foundation of science. If science has any issue with facts it's that Joe Sixpack thinks the hierarchy is...

Hypothesis -> Theory -> Facts

In actuality, it's...

Facts -> Hypothesis -> Theory

Hypotheses and theories are built on facts. Maybe you meant science doesn't deal with proof?


New Humble Bundle Is Windows Only, DRM Games 553

Posted by samzenpus
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jbernardo writes "After all the indie, multi-platform (including 4 for android) and DRM free releases, the latest Humble Bundle release is a polarizing one. It features non-indie games, it is Windows only, and the games are saddled with DRM. There is already a very vocal discussion on the Humble Bundle Google+ thread, but it seems it is selling well."

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by dbug78 (#41641105) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Books Have Had a Significant Impact On Your Life?

The Bible. Except for atheists and agnostics, most people should insert their favorite holy book here.

In the USA, at least, everyone should list The Bible, even if they've never read it or don't believe a word of it. After all, it's largely because of The Bible that...

  1. Gay people can't marry.
  2. Women are second-class citizens who can't be trusted or expected to manage their own lives.
  3. Gays, non-whites, and non-Christians are second-class citizens and are treated with mistrust or contempt, sometimes to the point of assault or murder, and do not deserve to have their views reflected in government or society.
  4. Slavery was all good and well into the 1860's and race discrimination was still going strong 100 years later.
  5. Infant boys have parts of their genitals cut off.
  6. We are in perpetual war with much of the Middle East (the Qur'an shares much of the blame here).

Whether you believe The Bible or not, whether you've read The Bible or not, whether you even care about The Bible or not, it has restricted your liberty if you live amongst those who live by it.

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