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Comment: Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 192

by dayton967 (#44108213) Attached to: Robotic Kiosk Stores Digital Copies of Physical Keys

You could easily get rid of physical keys, their isn't that many variants of keys out there. Just go into some Home Depot one day and look through a box of locks, you'll see paired locks with the same key beside each other, as they are meant to be sold as pairs. And often there's only a few different keys in the box. To make it more interesting if you go through a few boxes you won't see many more keys in the boxes.

Comment: Crackberry (Score 1) 349

by dayton967 (#41729203) Attached to: Black Sheep Blackberry Blackballed By Business

There are a few issues I can see for Blackberry
  - Smaller Company with too many models for a company that is only in a single area (17 phones in 5 models currently on their website). This should have been reduced to a handful, in various price brackets.

- Not innovating as much as they use to. I don't recall many big news innovations or changes from RIM for awhile.

- Increased competition, more companies making phones.

One of the biggest pro's, over all of their competition is the fact that the phone can be centrally managed, though at an increased cost, with BES, it's $55/user at 500 users, and 2000 users/server. The Server price alone is $3000. They have added a product line to manage android and iOS devices as well, This looks like it's an additional cost as well, ontop of the cost for the BES server, the fuctionality should be part of BES not as a seperate server.

But the price is way high, and they would make a great deal more money, with a lower server price, with an option for licenses that must be renewed at a lower cost per year (or 3 years etc) to perpetual licenses at an increased cost.

Comment: My 2 cents (Score 1) 342

by dayton967 (#40755099) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Value of Website Design Tools vs. Hand Coding?

Things that people forget to look at

  1 - What does the employer/client want you to use? The company may have a method they want you to use, for various reasons that you must adapt to. Or a client may want to have it in a method that they can modify later, with some tool. There may be standards or policies guiding the development process as well.

2 - The site may have special requirements, eg. database driven, etc.

3 - Legal Liabilities, have you made sure not to weaken the security of the site, through bad coding practices. Also if you copy code from another site, is there any copyright claims attached to it.

I know I am forgetting a great deal more, but the biggest thing for me is to gather requirements, what do they need, and want, and what is the end user suppose to see and get from their experience. Once you have enough information, you will know if you need to use something like dreamweaver, or you can code it yourself, or you should use some off the shelf software to provide the user experience.

Comment: Laws to be used against spammers in Canada (Score 1) 333

by dayton967 (#37987140) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do With Spammers You Know?

These are the laws that can be used currently in Canada.

Theft of a Telecommunication Service (Section 326)
    (1) Every one commits theft who fraudulently, maliciously, or without colour of right,
        (a) abstracts, consumes or uses electricity or gas or causes it to be wasted or diverted; or
        (b) uses any telecommunication facility or obtains any telecommunication service.
    Definition of “telecommunication”
    (2) In this section and section 327, “telecommunication” means any transmission, emission or reception of signs, signals, writing, images or sounds or intelligence
              of any nature by wire, radio, visual or other electromagnetic system.

Mischief (Section 430 (1)(c) and Section 430(1)(d))
    (1) Every one commits mischief who wilfully
        (c) obstructs, interrupts or interferes with the lawful use, enjoyment or operation of property; or
        (d) obstructs, interrupts or interferes with any person in the lawful use, enjoyment or operation of property.

Mischief in relation to data (Section 430 (1.1)(c))
    (1.1) Every one commits mischief who wilfully
        (c) obstructs, interrupts or interferes with the lawful use of data; or
        (d) obstructs, interrupts or interferes with any person in the lawful use of data or denies access to data to any person who is entitled to access thereto.

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by dayton967 (#37908144) Attached to: IT Shops Coping With Overloaded 2.4GHz WiFi Band
In the case of WIFI it is an advantage. In CSMA/CD you attempt to send your frame after waiting for the line to be free, and if a collision occurs, everyone on the network backs off, and you must resend the complete frame over again. With CSMA/CA, you send a smaller packet stating your intention to send, if there is a collision there, then you back off, and try again. When a shared access network becomes heavily loaded, with collisions in CD, it almost always causes no end of problems.

This is generally not an issue with switched Ethernet, unless there is a speed and duplex misconfiguration, which will happen either if one side of a link is forced and the other isn't, or some network cards and switch combinations can have problems negotiating on occassion, but it's becoming less and less common. (unless you are using the old Baystack 450's)

Comment: Re:wi-fi needs an evolutionary upgrade (Score 1) 165

by dayton967 (#37831672) Attached to: IT Shops Coping With Overloaded 2.4GHz WiFi Band
No the 5Ghz wifi range actually starts around 5.18Ghz, and 4.915Ghz in other countries. Even taking out the top end of the range from 5.7Ghz and up that 15 channels.

channel frequency(MHz)
36 5180
40 5200
44 5220
48 5240
52 5260
56 5280
60 5300
64 5320
100 5500
104 5520
108 5540
112 5560
116 5580
132 5660
136 5680
140 5700
149 5745
153 5765
157 5785
161 5805
165 5825

Comment: Re:wi-fi needs an evolutionary upgrade (Score 1) 165

by dayton967 (#37822670) Attached to: IT Shops Coping With Overloaded 2.4GHz WiFi Band
First thing, because of the nature of the beast wifi is basically like going back to the old Ethernet Hubs, with the added benefit of it being Collision Avoidance, and not Collision Detection, but because it operates like a hub, you are only as fast as your slowest user.

There are big differences in 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, first 2.4Ghz has only channels 1, 6, and 11 (in North America, elsewhere there is also 14) that can handle 20Mhz frequencies without interference, at 40Mhz there is 1 or 2, depending on location. The 5Ghz range has about 20 channels that have full 20Mhz ranges available (some countries have more, some less). This leads to a lot less crowding.

Secondly 2.4Ghz has a lot of other devices on this range causing interferences, such as cordless phones, leaky microwaves, video senders (and some of these use frequency hopping, with high power, but using 10Mhz), bluetooth, cordless keyboard and mice, and car alarms are ones off the top of my head, and I think there are some baby monitors in the range as well. 5.0Ghz does have anything in the range as far as I recall, with the exception of radar (in the US), but those ranges are not usable in the US.

The biggest issue with the 5.0Ghz is the penetration power, it may not pass through concrete walls or water, as well as 2.4Ghz. But I really don't plan to use an ipad while I am underwater in a pool.

Comment: typical (Score 1) 1797

by dayton967 (#37816886) Attached to: Ron Paul Wants To End the Federal Student Loan Program
The extreme right wing capitalist view seems to be, make the rich richer, and the poor dumber. Next they will want to get rid of education all together. This just leads to a new form of slavery. In areas of poverty, the better the education, the number of crimes will reduce as they learn ways to be more productive.

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by dayton967 (#36822036) Attached to: NAND Flash Better Than DRAM For PC Performance
I think it's the articles problem, because it didn't go into details. But NAND Flash and DRAM are Apples to Oranges. You couldn't run NAND Flash as RAM because it must transfer to RAM before execution. The more likely is the mixture of the 2, and it might be something as simple as say an 80G SSD for the OS and Swap, or even a smaller NAND SSD for just the Swap.

Comment: Again my suggestions in the past (Score 1) 94

by dayton967 (#36508448) Attached to: The Ugly State of ARM Support On Linux
My suggestion from well before kernel modules era. One thing that is needed for the Linux, is a seperation of the drivers from the base of Linux. To do this, create a standard interface for the kernel and drivers to communicate. Probably through the use of Stub drivers in the kernel. This would allow some level of standardization of the kernels, would allow for 3rd party drivers (I know I will get killed for this one), and more importantly is that urgent fixes in drivers could be pushed before the kernel, and may ultimately reduce the size of the distributions, as they would only have to push what drivers have changed.

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