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User Journal

Journal: Would please stop asking me!

Journal by Milo of Kroton
People keep saying I troll while that not true. They link posts made by friend on this account before gave to me. This account transferred to me from while my friend. I said I should by slashdot register, he says karma of Milo is good and now that I use instead of own register. When people can you not understand they call you the names that are bad like "The Troll" and more. Slashdot is a quite funny place. You see that on Internet, every English site I do visit people laugh and joke at me and speaking English. Not Slashdot. Here people are mean make fun of grammar and call me "Troll." I think it definite shows what kind of people slashdot drawn from the net.

And to the wondering, who Milo of Kroton was.
User Journal

Journal: I am more English educated!

Journal by Milo of Kroton
I have the lately more time after job calm down some and the return to happily the land of slashdot. I now can the English language speak and then read and have no problem! I am not needful of Babelfish! I am happy; took very long with Babelfish to reading and to writing and to posting.
User Journal

Journal: Sometimes why I am to be understanding hard

Journal by Milo of Kroton
To the people me over my English ask, now I have you ask to answer.

I lives in east Germany, and slashdot is most important for the technology. My job is that I a computer uses. In the school, when I was a boy, we did not learn English. The communists did not want which we English to speak could. So that I can be informed about technology, I read slashdot. But, I cannot speak the English -- the language of slashdot --. I was helpless, and could not probably read not the articles.

The Babelfish enters:

Now, I can read slashdot completely well, and my English becomes slowly better. I need to read only the Babelfish over slashdot. and it is sometimes completely heavy, but technology is important, and thus I can make money, because I am informed about the technology.

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.