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Comment: Re:No (Score 1) 224

by davydagger (#48668745) Attached to: Should Video Games Be In the Olympics?
both are physical sports, that are physically demanding.

Even non-traditional sports like skateboarding and snowboarding have things like the "x-games", because they simply aren't olympic.

poker and chess are not olympic sports and video games should never be. the only real argument is that its a massive promotional value for game manufactures nothing more.

Comment: Re:Russia was always a red herring (Score 1) 260

by davydagger (#48668347) Attached to: Serious Economic Crisis Looms In Russia, China May Help

and we needed the Military Industrial Complex to keep wealth inequality from tanking our economy again

I think you have it rather backwards, wealth inequality is what is tanking our economy, and the Military Industrial Complex is a big part of the problem, not the solution. We could easily either spend most of the excessive budget on either social welfare programs, give the money back to the people in tax cuts, or cut down the deficit(depending on your political views, pick one, all are fine with me), with no real lapse in defense, as most of it is wildly uneccary and exists because of defense industry lobying.

Comment: Re:Yellow Journalism (Score 1) 197

by davydagger (#48668145) Attached to: The World Is Not Falling Apart
the structural problems have always existed, the only real diffrence is that they get reported far more often these days than 30 years ago, because everyone has better access to information, and people can actually call the news media out of they get too far from the truth. Their ability to cover-up isn't gone, but its been reduced.

Imagine if Snowden happened in the pre-internet era, or in the early era of the internet where only nerds where online. the Government(or corporate proxies, i.e. the media) would simply make an example out of nerds and computer users, just to scare everyone off from going on the internet and finding the truth.(hey wait a second)

Today's problems tall into two catagories. One, end result of decades of mismanagement and bad ideas, and two, things that always existed, that where easier to coverup or got underported in an era where it was easier to do so.

Comment: Re:And who will collect the trash? (Score 1) 435

by davydagger (#48663163) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

The rich can buy and sell among themselves, in which case it doesn't involve the poor.

bullshit, someone needs to do the work. That someone are workers. There is no way around this. No one ever got in a position of power without manipulating people into doing work, and taking most of the value of the labor for themselves. Things don't "just happen", but the answer I always get, is the only thing that really counts as "work", in the sense it should be universally rewarded, is capacity for investment. This is the only real "work" in capitalism

That force only exists in the context of a coercive government, i.e. a non-libertarian government.

try institute private property, especially with a pretty large gap between haves and have nots without a pretty large coercive government, because thats what it takes. Capitalism is not compatible with Libertarianism.

Comment: Re:And who will collect the trash? (Score 1) 435

by davydagger (#48663095) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

Socialism has been tried in the "modern era" and it failed-- why are so many people against trying the opposite? (To my knowledge it's never actually been tried in modern times, especially with only people who give a damn.)

I seriously hope your fucking joking. Lazzie Faire capitalism has been tried once, I presume thats what your talking about, in the 19th century in both Europe, and in the United States, and it didn't last long before the owners requested and demanded a large state to protect themselves and property from unhappy workers and a growingly dangerous underclass.

Order was only restored by implementing tiny bits of socialism, and the biggest problem in today's society isn't socialism, but the non-socialist parts of society, i.e. those operated for greed(capitalist/liberal), or those operated by some stuck up self-appointed wanna be despots(third position/fascism),

Unless you want to call your newly concocted version of capitalism with misappropriated language and terms from early libertarian socialist movements a completely diffrent thing(along with all our favorite authors: Paine, Spooner, Orwell, Proudhoun, Baukin), you've got this almost completely backwards.

Now, I don't care what you choose to believe in, but please, lets get facts straight, or at least be honest in terms. Or at very least, Socialists where the first to scream "not really socialism", again, something that "libertarian" capitalism more or less adopted.

Comment: Re:They realized how badly they screwed up (Score 1) 176

by davydagger (#48661829) Attached to: Sony: 'The Interview' Will Have a Limited Theatrical Release
if the threat was supposedly North Korea, made by some anonymous jackasses on the internet, pretty tough actually.

Of course, after all, we all know how impotent they are, and everyone is just itching to convert to democracy the instant a gun is not at their heads, and all that other jazz.

Comment: Re:Their comments on trolls/trolling (Score 1) 183

by davydagger (#48660613) Attached to: Devuan Progress Report Published
No one is scared of anyone, I am just sick of hearing bitching and complaining from the anti-poettering, and anti-systemd crowd about trolls. They are the trolls, and have gone as far as to issue poettering death threats. Once we fought back, like a typical reactionary bully, they cried of being oppressed. Fuck them

Its good to see a few of them are actually putting their money where their mouth is. The beauty of open source is that it gives the loudmouth enough rope to hang himself. He doesn't get to bitch that anything was forced on him, or he had no choices.

But you see how this ends, if they were any bit good a system design, or even system administrator, they wouldn't be bitching about systemd or poettering in the first place, because if they were any good, they'd understand there are other options, and installing something else isn't hard. If you're a decent sysadmin that is. But if they had the skills to run a diffrent init system, they wouldn't be bitching.

No one is forcing anything on these people, its simply the more technically competant people who work for distros are more technically competant. So, after years of bitching they finally did something, and do you know what is going to happen to Devuan? Nothing. Its going to fizzle because maintaining a distro isn't as hard as making death threats and bitching, and if they actually had the skill and dedication to learn something new, most likely they'd be systemd fanbois

Comment: Re:Safety? (Score 1) 281

by davydagger (#48660011) Attached to: Study: Red Light Cameras Don't Improve Safety
You're making the basic assumption that cameras are set up, and maintained in good faith, when they are not. Cameras are set up to make the town money, and accordingly. Cameras are set up to make money for the town, by taking it from the people. They do not make people safer.

1. Short yellows, the town decreases the amount of time the light is yellow in order to get more people to run the light. This makes intersections more dangerous, but the goal isn't saftey, its money
2. The towns also mistime the cameras, so you can be ticketed for running a light when you either went through on a yellow, or stopped
3. You can also be ticketed for technical violations such as being an inch over the line, where no cop would ever cite anyone.

This hurts the poor for two reasons: 1. Its a regressive tax, used to pay for services, that the town imposses instead of real taxes. Paying taxes carries no penalties and can be reasseted based on demands of the society.
2. The poor have less money for lawyers to fight the tickets, and violations wind up as points, which increase car insurance rates, and have a harder time paying the tickets, most of which are bullet.

The whole saftey issue is fairly bullshit, because there never has been an issue with drivers running red lights in this country. Redlight cameras are highway robbery, and the poor are hit hardest.

Comment: Re:Study financed by (Score 1) 281

by davydagger (#48659967) Attached to: Study: Red Light Cameras Don't Improve Safety

Huh? Are you asserting that there's some causal link between being poor and running red lights?

Mistating the fact that red-light cameras work, and that everyone who gets finded by a red-light camera actually did run a red-light. Even the ones that do, %90+ of the violators simply moved an inch past the sensor, both otherwise stopped

putting words in my mouth:
Asserting that I think that anyone was more likely to run a redlight, when i was merely suggesting they would have a harder time paying a fine, which most likely is totally bogus and would have never been given out by a flesh and blood officer, to anyone.

implications of the cameras is that they are a regressive tax that hit the poor, especially minorities, the worst.

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