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Comment: Re:Protect the children (Score 1) 626

Your observation because one really good moral "based on superstition and mythology" is to help and serve, such as adopting behaviors/norms/laws which reduce poverty and working to alleviate the suffering of Others

There is a stark diffrence between morales based on mutual aid, respect for the human condition, equality, and universal human rights, based on observation based facts, using controlled studies to determine cause and effect, than those based on superstition and mythology.

The fact that we as a nation cannot tell the diffrence is part of the reason why we have such a high poverty rate, such a high incarceration rate, glorify criminals, and criminalize reformers.

The biggest threat to our children is not some creep, pedophile, terrorist, or musician. Its school administrators, politicians, facebook, google, and rouge fire-and-brimestone preachers.

Comment: Re:Hell No Hillary (Score 1) 676

by davydagger (#49462615) Attached to: Hillary Clinton Declares 2016 Democratic Presidential Bid
Dems do the exact same thing. mainstream politics have next to no credibility. The 2004 elections where a complete shitshow, with the dems doubling down heavy on things like a supposed nazi connection of the Bush family(turned out to be false, it was a smear campaign from the 30s), and conspiracy grade material

meanwhile there was so much low hanging fruit they sort of ignored. They finally got their ducks in a row with Obama in 2008, and Obama won by a landslide because most Americans are fed up with the patriot act, never ending war, the TSA, and the security state.

Comment: Re:Hell No Hillary (Score 1) 676

by davydagger (#49462489) Attached to: Hillary Clinton Declares 2016 Democratic Presidential Bid

If you really need to vote democrat and for a vote woman, it should be noted that Elizabeth Warren is also a woman, also is part of the Democratic party, and is far less of a shitbag.

Oh, and Warren is also an accomplished Politician, and I agree with her on many issues that don't involve gun control, and I widely prefer her to Hillary any day.

Comment: Protect the children (Score 3, Insightful) 626

Oh, wait, it seems that we only care about "protecting the children", when its an excuse to cram morals based on superstition and mythology, or we want to ban something with the intent of arresting people, or give the police new powers to arrest people, harshen sentances, or errode the rights of the accused.

But really, there are some pretty loud crickets when the state gets a hardon for arresting/harrassing children.

Comment: No one promises pork (Score 2) 370

by davydagger (#49420843) Attached to: How the Pentagon Wasted $10 Billion On Military Projects

No one promises pork spending. They just do it and don't tell you. Things like this are never really election items and if they are, they are ignored post election.

We don't have the congress we deserve, we don't have a democracy in any useful sense, and we don't have freedom in any useful sense of the word.

Comment: I think the solution is obvious (Score 5, Informative) 246

by davydagger (#49416547) Attached to: Watching a "Swatting" Slowly Unfold
As long as the cops in the USA have the "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality, swatting will always be a problem. SWATing exploits the fact that cops are fucking stupid, scared animals, who are prone to alarmism, and itch for an excuse to use excessive force. They see no problem in roughing up many innocents to get a small handful of small time criminals. They are easy to trick, slow to think, quick to act.

The solution is to re-examine SWAT team usage nation wide, and how they are used and for what. Until we do, SWATing will always be a threat. The solution is to fix the vulernbility by replacing a dangerous and broken system with one that works better.

Comment: Re:Enjoy Your New Internet Taxes (Score 1) 157

you're going to have to bring up some citations, because when the government gave AT&T a monopoly, they might have done some shitty things, and blocked some innovation, but the quality of service was second to none. They had a phrase called "five nines" to describe their uptime. To date, no other information system can match the 99.999% reliability of Ma Bell. You picked up the phone and the dial tone was always there. No exceptions. They also pushed innovation and gave back to the community. UNIX for example was given away for Free when they had a monopoly. They didn't care, they just wrote it off. AT&T Bell Labs was the envy of the fucking world, and the state of the art for electronic engineering for 5 fucking decades.

I'd like to see actual sources to back up the usual rhetoric, because your information is lacking.

Comment: Re:Enjoy Your New Internet Taxes (Score 1) 157

you made me laugh. FULL TITLE 2 REGULATION. Do you even know what that means. I mean, look how restrictive the phone system was regulated as title 2.

Don't say anything, because the internet was already tapped and regulated before title 2. The only thing title 2 did was prevent comcast from adding additional private regulations.

There is really no diffrence from the government dictating rules and comcast doing it, and the only person who really looses out is comcast, and only in their ability to fuck with the end user.

Comment: Re:Politics (Score 0) 157

I've been browsing slashdot since 1997, for most of history you goose-steppers where not welcome, and today again, you are not welcome, go back to stormfront.

Slashdot was always full of politics. Believe it or not, it use to be even more political, and even more radical. It is we, the originals who are taking it back, and you goosesteppers are the invaders who are no longer welcome.

I'm talking about the days when it was "geeks vs suits", the microsoft icon was the borg-bill gates, and the trolls where "natilie portman" and "hot grits". This is when "Free Kevin" stickers where the norm, and instead of PRiSM, it was CARNIVORE and RAPTOR.

Comment: Re:Enjoy Your New Internet Taxes (Score 2) 157

another unlike association. Republicans again, seem to only really take a stand against "government regulation" when it suits them.

Except for a few spurts and a few people admittedly on the fringe of the party will we see anyone tackle the real issues.

Just like conspiracy theories will talk about mass internment camps being set up by FEMA, but no one wants to talk about the mass internment camps that are very real actual prisons and some of the silly things that get people sent to jail for very long sentances, and the very low burden of proof that a good chunk of these people didn't even do the petty crimes they are accused for for such long jail times.

No one wants to talk about the kangroo court systems, corrupt law enforcement agencies, private prisons, all of which is plainly obvious.

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