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Comment: Re: That's a nice democracy you have there... (Score 1) 384

If you thought corporate influence was bad now, just wait until you do some fair research into the end of the electorial college, and the end of state appointed senators.

f states still had the power the Framers intended for them to have, individuals would have better representation than they do now even without electing the President or Senators.

No, not really, and the 12th and 17th Amendments where paid for in blood. The former by Colonel Shay and his men, the latter by the working class at the hands of the army and newly formed police. When it did work this way, corporate intrests reigned supreme.

Comment: Re:Saddest line ever (Score 1) 139

by davydagger (#48918655) Attached to: Young Cubans Set Up Mini-Internet

explain to me how this is diffrent than any entity in the USA. Just about all US Companies hand over data to the feds when asked. Many even partnered with the government. That was in the snowden leaks, i.e. official docs, so its hard to say it doesn't happen.

Also, from google's own website, here is the cooperation they do with the government.

Here is government requests for user information from google:

Here is government requests to remove content:

and here are "copyright" takedown notices, to include the now overboard use of the DMCA as cenorship by private government like entities:

But its only orwellian when a government we don't like does it? I think the most ironic is the last one, which is censorship by private organizations, the most chilling and most common, and fully supported by the government. I fail to understand how complicance with the rulling regime is a "communist" thing,

Comment: Re:Who are you? I'm bat- er, ANON! (Score 1) 403

the only time sexuality is accepted in this country is either in advertising, by the rich and famous, or if its done in compiance after purchasing the right combination of products that allow you to be sexualized.

Or, you can have sex in the missionary position after marraige.

Those are the only two accepted types of sexuality in this country.

Comment: Re:Who are you? I'm bat- er, ANON! (Score 1) 403

you didn't actually read the article. They aren't going after pedos in general, but what they are claiming to be a very specific child torture ring, with alleged heads in high ranking government and corporate positions.

Given the nature of "Anonymous", its unlikely they are the original nihilistic self-described terrorists, the moralfagging social justice activists that came in for opperation channology, or even the Federal agents that had been giving the group dirrection with the mass arrests of the former two. This sounds like someone diffrent with a thin grasp on American society.

The video asserts there will be mainstream news defending pedos as "child lovers", something that never happened, and most likely never will.

Comment: Re:Urban legend? (Score 1) 280

Or mabey it did get out, but you most likely dismissed it as a conspiracy theory. Which is how most secrets are kept is getting people to dismiss them as conspiracy theories, and throw in aliens and reptilian overlords so you simply don't believe anything the mainstream news doesn't push, repeatedly.

Comment: Re: That's a nice democracy you have there... (Score 1) 384

mob rule is still prefrable to the rule of a wealthy elite who dictate policy in their own intrests and laugh at anyone else.

People are stupid, and limiting their power seems like a good idea only until you relize that the people you'd have regulate these people are also people, most likely just as stupid, but in addition to being stupid, greedy and ambitious.

meritocracy is a lie. Appointed over democratic leads to nothing but cronyism, not competance.

Comment: Re: That's a nice democracy you have there... (Score 1) 384

If that is the only standard, in that case, North Korea, is in fact, a democracy. They too, count votes, and the person who gets the most votes takes office. So does Iran.

So is Cuba, was the USSR, Iraq under Sadam, every nation on earth right now except the Maladives, and Saudi Arabia.

We in our everyday views challenge the validity of votes and democracy, and quality of democracy world wide. Now, I don't think we are quite as bad as any of the countries on that list, but I am just pointing out your simplistic test on "democracy" includes countries that no one in their right mind would ever consider democracies.

Comment: Re: That's a nice democracy you have there... (Score 1) 384

2. The US is not a direct democracy, but it is still a democracy.

on paper, sure, in effect, no. Its really not. It never was, our "founding fathers"(the real ones that signed our current constitution), didn't want a democracy either. Uts a republican of the rich, made to protect their intrests from both the poor and foreign powers. Always has been. Sure we've gotten more democratic over time, but still not a real democracy.

Comment: Problem solved. (Score 1) 384

Intelligence agencies are not going to give up trying to get the bad guys. They will have to get closer to the bad guys

you mean, "do real legitimate intellegence work"

You can say that will be more targeted

problem solved. the lack of ethics isn't the fact that intellegence services exist or function, its the fact they were being deployed against the population of the entire world as a whole, hence everyone being considered an "enemy". This allows them to target people without really taking additional steps to target them, giving next to no oversight on who can be targeted and for what. This opens the door for national security and terrorism resources being used to fight the ever failing war on drugs, harrrass protestors, without leaving as much of a trace. It would even allow analysists who moonlight as private intellegence to be able to carefully extract data for their nightime employers, leading for intellegence work being used to harrass critics and enemies of private individuals and corporations.

Sure this could still happen, but it'd leave a bigger paper trail, and oversight is easier. I think this is ethically better. I think Omand has it backwards.

Comment: Re:biological imperative (Score 1) 403

yeah, they are like, high ranking and everything. High ranking people never do bad stuff that would require them to step down, or go to prison. Only low ranking people do. I think he's jealous of their success, or whatever phrase they use when someone accuses someone high ranking of crime or social misbehavior

Comment: Re:Think of the children! (Score 4, Insightful) 403

Boston Marathon Bomber case comes to mind as someone who had his life destroyed because a few lazy assholes with no burder of proof decided to be judge and jury, and leave the man out to a lynch mob justice

Given that its most likely that "Anonymous" at this point is mostly government agents now, its going to be real intresting to see who they finger as pedophiles, and if any of these people are actually guilty.

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