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Comment: Re:Navel gazing? (Score 1) 21

by smitty_one_each (#49106219) Attached to: Might explain some of the behavior here
While falling short of a No True Scotsman, it's fair to say the KKK is hardly mainstream Christianity. The rejection of David Duke & ilk points to the fact the KKK or any other supremacist is almost a false flag operation, to the extent they fancy themselves Christian.
However, it's a useful discussion in the light of the question of Islam, and how you manage the unavoidable truth that, for any sufficiently large organization (sacred or profane), somebody is going to go off message somewhere.

Comment: Re:I wonder if Formby is the man (Score 1) 20

by smitty_one_each (#49106137) Attached to: "I'm used to an automatic"

doing nothing more than trying to be on the winning side

How myopic is that? I'm actually far more concerned about (a) individual development along the maturity curve and (b) wisdom transfer to the next generation.
Since you've rejected the concept of the Gospel, you may not grasp the point of Matthew 4:8.

Comment: Sorry, man (Score 1) 2

by smitty_one_each (#49106121) Attached to: We now live in a society...
You blow off the concept of absolute Truth; you opt for a purely materialistic analysis of life; you pour cynicism on all attempts to model anything above the pure carnivore level: you really can't be shocked when everything goes pear-shaped. And I mean "you" in the general, second-person sense here. I'm not offering any accusation against this Journal's owner.

Comment: Re:*golf clap* (Score 1) 26

by smitty_one_each (#49106079) Attached to: Nebbishes Yearning for Truth (NYT)

There is no concept of 'purpose' outside of man's brain.

Ah, so.
While I'm in agreement with you that there is no storage appliance anywhere in the universe where any state is kept to which you could point to as "purpose", that's not dispositive of the abstract concept of "purpose".
But the broader joke in play is here:

You are only reciting the things you were taught to believe as a child.

There is no concept of 'purpose' outside of man's brain.

You're not privy to all of the details of my life, which point to far more than rote recital of things I was taught.
But the bigger laugh still is that you're (a) claiming life is meaningless, yet (b) clearly affected by my rejection of your foolishness.
If my faith is a difference that makes no difference (as you appear to claim), then what difference does it make? Or are you just a recreational buzzkill?

Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.