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Comment Is it that they are Asian... (Score 1) 183

... or is it that their parents encourage, empower, and outright pressure them into doing the very things that will make them more likely to enter a high-tech field?

You show me a 100 kids that live for 18+ years under a pressure-to-perform environment and I'll show you 100 kids that are generally less happy, better educated, and more likely to suffer burnout than their peers. Those that don't burn out or rebel in a self-destructive way will be much better prepared for "brain work" when they are in their mid-20s than their peers who weren't pressured so much. I'm not saying they will be happier, only that as a group, they will be better prepared for "brain work."

Comment Goodbye HB-1, hello more offshoring (Score 0) 492

Much of the computer industry is already offshored and many more will be if US paychecks rise relative to the rest of the world.

Some jobs like running wires and installing equipment has to be done locally.

A lot more has to be done domesticly or is too expensive to offshore for legal/regulatory-compliance reasons or fear of a non-US government sniffing the wire.

As for the rest, it's ours to keep as long as we can do it better and more efficiently than the rest of the world. Dropping HB-1 visas may actually depress non-US wages making offshoring more attractive than it already is for many businesses.

Comment Get one with no radio-control (Score 1) 373

If you get a car with no radio-control and a "dumb AM/FM radio" that isn't linked to the "car" part of the car, then you should be hack-proof to almost* anyone without physical access.

This means no remote-engine-start, no "OnStar"-like services, no remote-entry, and probably no cell-phone-through-the-car-speakers, etc. etc. etc.

* While there is always the theoretical ability to "beam" a signal to a wire in your car, the difficulty of doing do in anything more than a blunt fashion makes this unattractive to hackers. If a hacker wants to crash your car remotely, there are easier ways to do it and if he wants to do anything else, well, it will probably be easier for him to run you off the road, kill you, and steal the keys.

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