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Comment Give most of it away (Score 1) 777

Well, forst I would hire an accountant and an a tax attorney.

Then I would give the same % back to God as I do my regular paycheck, but it will be more complicated than just handing a check to my local church.

Then I would pull out enough for myself to pay off my debts and be able to generate 150-200% of my current income, adjusted for the cost of living in the most expensive metro area in America. This will be in the $1-10M range.

Everything else goes to charity, with one catch: if you ask, and I hadn't slready decided to give you money, you just disqualified yourself. If I had decided already, you'll get the low end of the range I was thinking of giving you.

Oh, make that two catches: no publicity as long as I live. A private thank-you letter and a note for the tax man is enough. If you want to name a scholarship, endowed chair, or building after me fine, but please do it over my dead body. :)

Comment The world is full of soft targets (Score 1) 212

Just about every decent-sized apartment complex or condo is an attractive "soft target," particularly at night when there will be lots of people there. Ditto most decent-sized churches during worship services, most schools during school hours (perhaps excluding those where you can't easily get your car near the classrooms), most movie theaters on a Friday evening, most high-school and middle-school sports venues during games, etc. etc.

Imagine society's outrage if instead of attacking a federal courthouse where he killed over 100 adults and just under 2 dozen little kids, McVeigh had blown up the truck outside of an large elementary school's auditorium during the Christmas play. The overall death toll might have been lower (without the "pancake collapse" of a multi-story building, a lot of injuries would be survivable) but the death toll of children would've been much, much higher, and dozens if not hundreds of victims would have serious, perhaps life-altering, physical and psychological injuries.

Imagine if the 1993 World Trade Center bombers had gone after a high-rise apartment building or hotel in New York instead of a financial center, and they set their bomb to go off at 3AM when the building was full of people, and imagine they used enough explosives to cause at least part of the building to collapse on itself like the Federal Building in Oklahoma City did. The casualties would be huge (not "9/11 huge" but huge) and the fear factor and willingness to give up personal liberties in exchange for supposed safety would be immense.

I hope that the "good guys" in our government - those charged with simultaneously protecting the public from criminals out to do us harm while taking seriously their vow to protect and defending the Constitution [yeah yeah, I know, the cynic in me acknowledges that this group may be the "empty set" - but let's assume for the moment that it's not] - are thinking a lot harder about these issues than I am and are finding ways that can deter such crimes and catch criminals when the deterrence doesn't work without taking America any further down the road to a police state than it already is.

Comment "Solution" and followup problem (Score 1) 212

The "solution" will be "know your customer" laws similar to what American banks have to deal with. Thumb-prints, copies of drivers licenses kept on file, etc. etc.

The follow-up problem will be identity theft won't just be a financial problem any more - I'll steal your identity so I can rent an AV under your name, then go bomb some place, not caring the police will go after you instead of me.

You can also expect that governments will require that companies renting AVs for short-term use will hard-wire them to only be on or near the route that the customer needs them to be on, and that a red flag will be raised if that route comes anywhere close to certain types of buildings, such as government office-buildings.

Comment Depends on exaclty where you go (Score 1) 142

If you know where you are going, you'll be able to get the best solution for you by seeing who offers good service in those locations.

Otherwise, go with one of the big carriers like ATT, Sprint, or Verizon or one of their re-sellers. If you were only traveling in big cities I would add T-Mobile to that list but since you say you are traveling in rural areas, I would only get them if you are sure they cover the areas you are in.

If you a lot of data (say, more than 10GB/month or so), you may be better off getting a multi-SIM hotspot or multiple hotspots, and use the one that gives you the best bandwidth at the time you need it. I say this because in some areas you'll get 4G or LTE on one carrier but only 3G or even worse on another carrier, or you'll get a very congested signal on one carrier but a much less congested one on another.

Sadly, in many rural areas that are away from heavily-traveled roads you'll be stuck with either less-than-3G coverage or "roaming" coverage from a non-major-brand cell service provider, which can get expensive fast. Make sure your plan includes free or at least reasonably-priced off-network data roaming so you don't get sticker shock at the end of the month.

Comment Re:What about manned aircraft (Score 1) 124

I was thinking more along the lines of a jumbo jet taking taking off or landing from a typical urban airport.

When easy-to-conceal-until-you-use-them, cheap anti-aircraft weapons that can take down a passenger jet that's less than 10,000 feet in the air hit the black market, you'll start to see suicidal murderers who want their 15-minutes-of-infamy using them on US soil.

I say "suicidal" because once you fire one of these, you will be found, and once you are caught, you can plan on spending the rest of your life in jail or if you are death-penalty-eligible, getting the state to help you in your suicide wish.

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