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British MoD Stunned By Massive Data Loss 166

Posted by timothy
from the austin-powers-meets-the-peter-principle dept.
Master of Transhuman writes "Seems like nobody can keep their data under wraps these days. On the heels of the World Bank piece about massive penetrations of their servers, the British Ministry of Defense has lost a hard drive with the personal details of 100,000 serving personnel in the British armed forces, and perhaps another 600,000 applicants. This comes on the heels of the MoD losing 658 of its laptops over the past four years and 26 flash drives holding confidential information. Apparently the MoD outsources this stuff to EDS, which is under fire for not being able to confirm that the data was or was not encrypted."

Comment: Re:I hate KDE (Score 3, Informative) 708

by davidsansome (#10488621) Attached to: Slackware Likely To Drop GNOME Support
it is also the reason why there is a GTK-QT engine and no QT-KDE engine.

When writing the GTK-Qt engine, I actually found Qt's theming system far more flexible than that of GTK. Your "reasoning" for why there is not a Qt-GTK engine is rubbish. I have yet to see a GTK theme that can beat a Qt theme in terms of rendering speed or appearance.

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