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The Internet

+ - Buckmaster on the de-globalization of the web

Submitted by writes "Craig's List's CEO Jim Buckmaster runs the largest ad site in the world, and he does pretty much everything differently from global e-commerce power-houses like eBay. In a recent Q&A session, Buckmaster recently revealed a few details about the world's largest publisher of ads, online or offline. With it's chain of centrally run, but locally-themed Craig's List sites, the company has success like only streamlined and tightly managed commercial operations — yet their methods are completely different. Putting up private ads is free, and the site relies on personal meets and the local social network to establish trusts rather than getting users to assign each other virtual brownie points. While the company operates globally, Buckmaster's mantra is still to stick to local affairs: a global search across all local Craig's Lists is not available. Surprisingly, one trick to keep costs down is to not seek maximum revenue and save on the sales people. They still have only a small team and listen to users, not marketers, to drive website development."
GNU is Not Unix

+ - Stallman to step down as Emacs maintainer

Submitted by writes "Richard Stallman is planning to step down as head maintainer of the GNU Emacs project. In an e-mail to fellow Emacs developers, he today asked for candidates to succeed him. RMS wrote the first extensible Emacs text editor in 1975 at MIT's AI Lab. Seen by many as the founder and chief advocate of the free software movement, Stallman has also been actively involved in Emacs' development. GNU Emacs 22, due soon, will be the first major release of the editor since 2001."

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