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Submission + - Company laptop, my data: can they co-exist?

An anonymous reader writes: I recently replaced my old laptop. The owner of my company heard about this and offered to reimburse me for it since he knows I have and will continue to do company work on my own hardware. I'd like the extra $1,250, but I think if I accept his offer that legally he has the right to any data on it (personal emails, files, blog posts, etc.) Even if I decide to put my personal stuff on a 2nd drive that even using what is now company property to save and write to separate storage still gives the company the right to it. The apps (Office, etc.) are my own licenses. We do NOT have a policy of intellectual property developed on company assets to belong to the company, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be argued if I figured out the One Great Internet Business Idea or write the Great American Novel and used the company laptop to produce it that the company now owns it. Unlikely, but scary. How many Slashdotters have been in this situation and what agreement did you and your management come up with?

Submission + - Microsoft Poland photoshops black guy to white one (microsoft.com) 1

wanted writes: "If you look at Microsoft's Poland business solutions website you will probably not notice anything wrong with the main picture. However, when you compare it with the original English version, it clearly shows that someone decided showing black people in Poland is not going to be that convincing to business. They just photoshopped the head of the black guy with a white one, in an amateur style leaving his hand unchanged. There's also a mirror just in case."

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