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+ - Society of Automotive Engineers announces electric car charging plug standard-> 1

Submitted by cylonlover
cylonlover (1921924) writes "The electric and plug-in hybrid car industry is learning the lesson of the mobile phone makers. Instead of allowing a plethora of incompatible charging plugs to sprout up, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International hopes to forestall confusion by settling on one charging plug design for North America. SAE has selected the J1772 combo plug as the standard, which uses paired couplers to allow for both AC and DC charging using the same plug. Published this week, the SAE International decision marks the first official charging standard for North American cars. According to SAE, it was the result of consultation with 190 “global experts” from the automotive, charging equipment, utilities industries and national laboratories."
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+ - Google threatens French media ban->

Submitted by another random user
another random user (2645241) writes "Google has threatened to exclude French media sites from search results if France goes ahead with plans to make search engines to pay for content.

In a letter sent to several ministerial offices, Google said such a law "would threaten its very existence".

French newspaper publishers have been pushing for the law, saying it is unfair that Google receives advertising revenue from searches for news. French Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti also favours the idea. She told a parliamentary commission it was "a tool that it seems important to me to develop"."

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+ - Hackers' 'Zero-Day' Exploits Stay Secret For Ten Months On Average->

Submitted by Sparrowvsrevolution
Sparrowvsrevolution (1926150) writes "Maybe instead of zero day vulnerabilities, we should call them -312 day vulnerabilities. That's how long it takes on average for software vendors to become aware of new vulnerabilities in their software after hackers begin to exploit them, according to a study presented by Symantec at an Association of Computing Machinery conference in Raleigh, NC this week.

The researchers used data collected from 11 million PCs to correlate a catalogue of zero-day attacks with malware signatures taken from those machines. Using that retrospective analysis, they found 18 attacks that represented zero-day exploits between February 2008 and March of 2010, seven of which weren't previously known to have been zero-days. And most disturbingly, they found that those attacks continued more than 10 months on average–up to 2.5 years in some cases–before the security community became aware of them. “In fact, 60% of the zero-day vulnerabilities we identify in our study were not known before, which suggests that there are many more zero-day attacks than previously thought—perhaps more than twice as many,” the researchers write."

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+ - Jay-Z & Kanye West Tickets->

Submitted by
davidmiru writes "Watch The Throne Tour: Jay-Z & Kanye West Tickets — Buy cheap Watch The Throne Tour: Jay-Z & Kanye West Concert Tickets, Watch The Throne Tour: Jay-Z & Kanye West tours dates and watch latest Videos, Schedules for Watch The Throne Tour: Jay-Z & Kanye West Concerts"
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