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+ - Sky one & Sky two dropped from Virgin Media (N

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An anonymous reader writes "Sky one & Sky two dropped from Virgin Media (NTL) as of this morning 01/01/2007. After turning on my television this morning I found that the war between Sky and Virgin Media has increased to the point where the consumers are losing out. Sky One and Sky two have been replaced by Virgin's, 'Virgin Central 2' and a channel called 'old Sky 2' with Virgin Media's excuse plastered on screen. To quote the first part of the message / excuse Thanks to Sky, some of the non premium Sky channels, like Sky one and Sky news are no longer available. They have picked up their ball and gone home. cles/displayarticle.php?article_id=150 Click Here To Read More"

Comment: Re:Why are you misquoting? (Score 5, Informative) 774

by davidmb (#15024808) Attached to: Revolution Horsepower Revealed
Check out the Mirrordot mirror of the story. The original text was:
IBM's "Broadway" CPU is clocked at 729MHz, according to updated Nintendo documentation. By comparison, GameCube's Gekko CPU ran at 485MHz. The original Xbox's CPU was clocked at 733MHz. Meanwhile, Xbox 360 runs three symmetrical cores at 3.2GHz.
Seems someone has edited the article.

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