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Comment Old standards die hard (Score 1) 202

Windows XP is no longer a standard. Doesn't mean I don't use it every goddamn day. An industry website I use weekly just rolled out an update based on flash. They update on an 8 year or so update cycle. I need them, they don't need me. The funny thing about markets is there's almost always a secondary market willing to use and abuse the rest of the world's castoffs.

Comment It's not enforceable (Score 4, Interesting) 331

My wife's employer is an apartment management company. Their HR director copied all the company policies and procedures manuals, then bailed to start a competing firm. A few months later, the company demanded that all employees sign non-competes as condition of continued employment.

Because she's worked in the company for nearly 15 years, it's unlikely she would find comparable employment in an unrelated field should she decide to leave. We sought the advice of an attorney who offered some great advice. First he said the company would need to undertake legal measures to enforce the non-compete. Theirs did not provide for any penalty against my wife, so even if they were to win in court, there's no consequences, other than her company is out their legal costs.

Secondly, a non-compete cannot be one-sided, or courts will throw them out. People have a right to work that cannot be forfeited or signed away. Her non-compete was overly broad - both in geography and scope. The language disallowed employees to work in any field the company did business in within the state of Nevada or within 100 miles of any site where they operated. Keep in mind they also demanded the maintenance and landscape workers to sign these non-competes. Our attorney counseled us that those provisions alone would likely nullify the entire document in court. It's not reasonable to tell the guy who mows your lawn that he needs to move across the country if he ever wants to work in yard care again.

I suspect Amazon's warehouse workers would fall under the same protections. Nothing about putting product in a cardboard box is proprietary. This is just some idiot middle manager trying to intimidate employees in an effort to reduce turnover.

Comment I should be dead (Score 1) 139

I worked for several years with what was essentially concentrated vinegar. (Household is typically a 5% solution. The stuff we used was around 85%). While the area was well ventilated, my sense of smell hasn't recovered over 10 years later. I retained some sense of smell, but it has to be very bad for me to notice. My wife complains that I'm not bothered by the baby's stinky boom-booms. I call it a superpower.

Comment Re:But He Isn't (Score 1) 276

If DN isn't the real SN, then SN had nothing to gain by issuing the denial and would not have broken a 4 year silence to issue the statement. Secondly, he may live as a miser, but SN has access to a valuable treasure trove of bitcoins. He may not like it, but tapping into those reserves may be necessary to protect his privacy at this point.

Comment STEM workers are smart and needed elsewhere (Score 1) 491

This is just my casual observation, but STEM workers tend to be highly intelligent individuals who understand complex or abstract concepts. They are also highly adaptable, so instead of working in their chosen field, they get tapped to fill other fields where they are still successful. The problem lies in management filling positions with competent warm bodies, rather then putting individuals in positions that maximize potential.

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