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Comment: Re:Local file (Score 1) 135

by daveime (#45686569) Attached to: Safari Stores Previous Browsing Session Data Unencrypted
> Look, even if someone gets local access to your files, you are still less fucked if some of them are encrypted.

Which is total bollocks if the encryption key is on the same machine. A computer that is rooted is no longer secure, any data that can be decrypted locally is the same as if it was plaintext anyway.

Comment: Re:User unfriendliness strikes again unfortunately (Score 0) 143

by daveime (#45452467) Attached to: Ars Checks Out CyanogenMod's New Installer
Why not just wipe the FLASH completely, then your battery will last 500x longer! You won't be able to do anything useful (which for most people does actually include Facebook) ... but at least you won't have the odious, mind-numbing, soul-destroying task of plugging it into the wall socket every night.

Comment: Re:No point pussy-footing around (Score 1) 128

by daveime (#44932433) Attached to: RSA Warns Developers Not To Use RSA Products
The AES s:boxes already have an algebraic solution in themselves, as do every step of the process, rotates, xors, sums mod 2^32 etc. The problem is the combinatorial explosion that happens even over the course of one round when you combine all the operations, meaning there's so many simultaneous equations to solve, you'd need huge amounts of plaintext and corresponding cyphertext to even establish a few bits of the key.

Comment: Re:You can switch it off. (Score 1) 195

by daveime (#44797089) Attached to: UK Mobile ISP Blocks VPN, Citing Access To Porn
And if *everyone* simply opted out, it wouldn't make a damn of difference, as the Government would merely have a very cheap and up-to-date census of everyone in the UK. But no, you have to be fucking "precious" about it. You are exactly the kind of person who shouldn't be looking at porn, I can just imagine you in a darkened room giggling like a 6 year old while surfing the forbidden fruits. Man (or woman) the fuck up. Telling someone you like porn is not a sin.

Comment: Re:Correlation is not causation, FFS. (Score 1) 417

by daveime (#44782705) Attached to: 'Half' of 2012's Extreme Weather Impacted By Climate Change
> The only realistic solution to global warming is to bring greenhouse gas emissions, particularly CO2, down to a net zero level. Anything else is just window dressing. So basically ban cows, because Methane is a greenhouse gas, and ban electric kettles because Water Vapour is a greenhouse gas? Would you listen to yourself? BAN ALL THE THINGS!!! If I can't have a cup of coffee in the morning, or munch on a juicy steak, then what's the point of living anyway?

Comment: Re:How futile. (Score 1, Flamebait) 82

by daveime (#43983623) Attached to: UK ISPs Secretly Start Blocking Torrent Site Proxies
> Doesn't that worry you a little bit?

No not at all. The Court Order lists sites that can be blocked, and *dedicated* proxies that effectively point to the same place.

It does NOT give the BPI the power to "shut down any site it wants" and other hyperbolic statements that are being bandied about in the media.

Using Slippery Slope arguments is a nonsensical thing to do. Are you seriously trying to tell me that if they block some political activists site, he's not going to just register another domain and have the site back up in 5 seconds, and then scream blue-murder all over Twitter and Reddit ?

Let's stick to the facts. The BPI are playing whack-a-mole, and right now they have a considerably bigger "whacker" than in the past. Is it going to inconvenience some cheap bastards who want fr33 st00f ? Possibly. Is it the "end of the Internet as we know it, police state, 1984, dystopian nightmare etc etc". Fuck off, seriously.

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