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Comment: This is not "email encryption" (Score 5, Informative) 123

by daveewart (#45905199) Attached to: Security Expert: Yahoo's Email Encryption Needs Work

While the article is correct and uses precise terminology, the summary is wrong to use the term "email encryption". That term is for encrypted email messages using PGP/GPG/S-MIME.

Yahoo have no framework for email encryption. This article is about use of HTTPS for their webmail service and (a) whether that has been implemented and, if so, (b) whether it has been done correctly.

The answers to which are: (a) mostly and (b) no.

Comment: Re:Cheats, not wins (Score 1) 114

Of course it's cheating, it's subverting the rules of the game. The robot is showing its hand after seeing yours. The fact that it does so fast enough to fool human perception doesn't change this.

Your comparison with chess is invalid: Deep Blue plays chess according to the rules of chess. This robot, on the other, is not playing according to the rules of Rock/Paper/Scissors, therefore it is cheating.

Comment: Re:Security (Score 3, Insightful) 114

Just because you trust someone to be _trustworthy_ doesn't mean that you trust their _opinions_. For example, I would trust some members of my family to not abuse having a house key, for example; wouldn't stop them from talking nonsense I don't agree with, though :-)

Comment: Not chilling, quite the opposite! (Score 4, Insightful) 111

by daveewart (#42336889) Attached to: Chilling Guidelines Issued For UK Communications Act Enforcement

These guidelines are not chilling: they are the opposite. Following the introduction of these guidelines, many knee-jerk prosecutions will not take place, whereas previously they would have taken place.

Whoever wrote the Slashdot headline is entirely wrong.

Comment: versus (Score 1) 87

by daveewart (#41522503) Attached to: "Secure" Shorter<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.uk Internet Domain Proposed

This will be chaotic. End-user confusion or fraud will occur when and are owned by different people/organisations. Say, when the .uk domain is acquired by someone who accuses another of domain-squatting on the equivalent.

Also, the notes say that the extra costs will be used for: "[D]aily monitoring for malicious software and viruses" - monitoring of what, exactly? All pages of all web sites on all subdomains?

Comment: I'm going to keep playing the Kings Gambit (Score 1) 206

by daveewart (#39558123) Attached to: Rybka Solves the King's Gambit Chess Opening

This is an interesting technical exercise. However, it won't stop me playing this opening as White. This opening leads to all sorts of exciting games in all sorts of situations.

It can also have a great psychological effect, not greatly diminished by this new study of it. If you need to win a particular game, playing the Kings Gambit with White sends a strong "OK, buddy, this is an all or nothing game!" message to your opponent.

Just because a computer has figured out a way to win, doesn't mean that a typical opponent will have learnt the right continuation in every variation or that they will remember it over the board.

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