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Comment: Make the ISPs into targets (Score 1) 55

by davecb (#48270343) Attached to: Australian Gov't Tries To Force Telcos To Store User Metadata For 2 Years

We saw this happening in Canada some years back (Thanks, Drew!) with the government of the day proposing ISPs being turned into attractive targets for anyone wanting to impersonate people ("identity theft").

Worse, the kind of processing required to extract the metadata requires a machine the cost of one's main router, so people proposed ISPs should "just spool everything to disk" for a few days.

The next thought was to call for a longer retention period...

[It didn't pass, somewhat miraculously]

Comment: Re:DOA due to Liability shift to consumer... (Score 1) 554

by davecb (#48235201) Attached to: Rite Aid and CVS Block Apple Pay and Google Wallet

That's huge: in the UK the banks were temporarily able to do that by claiming chip-and-pin cards were secure (boy, was that not true). The courts threw it out, as you might imagine, but only after lots of people were defrauded.

In Canada, the banks are on the hook, and have refunded me both times their "unhackable" pin-and-chip card got hacked. We and the US are looking at card-and-signature systems, which have good customer protection as humans can verify claimed forgeries, just like cheques.

Comment: We all have more than one identity, and need more (Score 1) 58

by davecb (#48235031) Attached to: Identity As the Great Enabler

I'm David in general, DCB at work (there are lots of Daves), Orv as a nickname, Uncle Dave to my nephew when he was little, Mr Collier to all sorts of illiterate clerks. I have a pen-name, and a bunch of versions of my name required by email providers. My name also changed when I got married, as did my wife's.

When dealing with vendors I don't necessarily trust, I'm just "sir" and pay with cash. Considering the internet make it possible for vendors to be anywhere and anyone, I expect that we'll all to do more that way. My credit-card vendor, who already issues me single-use card-numbers for particularly suspicious vendors: I also expect to see single-use numbers with no name, just a single guaranteed amount.

Oh, and by the way, while I have to identify myself to get into the booth, my vote has no name attached.


+ - 32 Cities Want to Challenge Big Telecom, Build Their Own Gigabit Networks

Submitted by Jason Koebler
Jason Koebler (3528235) writes "More than two dozen cities in 19 states announced today that they're sick of big telecom skipping them over for internet infrastructure upgrades and would like to build gigabit fiber networks themselves and help other cities follow their lead.
The Next Centuries Cities coalition, which includes a couple cities that already have gigabit fiber internet for their residents, was devised to help communities who want to build their own broadband networks navigate logistical and legal challenges to doing so."

+ - Federal monies to influence State elections?->

Submitted by bkcallahan
bkcallahan (2515468) writes "Seems a taxpayer-subsidized tour is coming through Oregon — one of the states voting on legalizing marijuana this year — and it seems they're trying to influence a ballot Measure — #91. Regardless of which side you are on with respect to the Measure, shouldn't there be more outrage at this? Why isn't this on the news. Kevin Sabet has been caught on a local forum with an unequivocal message: Vote No On measure 91"
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+ - TorFi, an alternative to Anonabox, already up at Kickstarter->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Riding on the coattails of the desire for anonymity on the Internet displayed by Anonabox, new Kickstarter project TorFi "aims to satisfy the demand demonstrated for a simple, plug-and-play, secure access point to the Internet. With no more technical knowledge than what it takes to plug into a home ISP connection..." It appears to use OpenWRT and pre-existing hardware to accomplish this and claims it will only cost $30."
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Comment: The transcript doesn’t show a lot of push-ba (Score 2) 57

IMHO, These are far too rational for Mr Moore to get past cabinet, as they might be seen as desirable regulation. The politics of the day is to avoid regulating (ie, policing) industry.

They're directly applicable to copyright trolling, by the way, and quite a good idea. I'll suggest that.


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