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+ - The RIAA sets its sights on....Usenet!

Submitted by
dave-tx writes "We all thought...or assumed...that Usenet was the seedy back alley of the 'tubes that the RIAA would never find out or care about. Well, no longer. It appears they're going after their first Usenet service provider, usenet.com. Will others be next?

FTA: "The suit claims that the usenet.com service sells access to content that includes millions of unauthorized music files and "touts its service as a haven for those seeking pirated content.""

+ - MacWorld's look at what's new in OS X 10.5->

Submitted by
dave-tx writes "MacWorld's upcoming issue offers yet another preview of Leopard, Apple's new release of OS X.

FTA: "In the following pages, we'll describe what's publicly known about Leopard's new features — and the lingering questions that we're still trying to answer. We'll also take a look at the OS X 10.5 features Apple first unveiled in August 2006, paying special attention to what's changed since then. We'll continue to update this collection of Leopard features as more information becomes publicly available."

New screenshots accompany the article."

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+ - New footage of JFK, just before assassination

Submitted by
dave-tx writes "Who knows why things like this take so long to surface, but conspiracy theorists — Start Your Engines! New footage from just before Kennedy's Assassination has surfaced.

FTA: "The silent color film shows a glimpse of JFK and wife Jackie about 90 seconds before the assassination. They're a few blocks from Dealey Plaza, where Kennedy would be shot.""

"You're a creature of the night, Michael. Wait'll Mom hears about this." -- from the movie "The Lost Boys"