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Comment Re:HR/Recruiting Drones (Score 1) 296 296

HR has lost us some awesome candidates. They did not understand or respect the level of demand in the market for the skills these people offered and I guess blindly assumed that they were just like them...dime-a-dozen useless sacks of shit. Took their sweet merry time (seeing to their paperwork and other various rote minutia) and lost the opportunity to hire.

Comment Re:rip-off (Score 1) 296 296

Certifications can be good if someone has obtained them from a combination of experience and intense study. This process will make them familiar with all of the features of the specific technology and will make them better qualified--all else being equal. Unfortunately, in the case of Microsoft certifications, and I know this is going on with others as well, you can buy all of the questions with answers and the "Gold Partner" training companies are buying them and giving them to their "students" during the bootcamp/training "class." Students still fail of course because they go in with zero knowledge expecting to obtain certification in something they are not qualified to touch--unfortunately a lot pass though, even those with no experience. I have studied for, and obtained certifications on my own, and I have happened upon these "bootcamps" not knowing what was actually going on. When I settled in and realized the game I became sickened--especially when I saw people passing who had no experience. Never again. The certs I gained from my own experience and study helped me become better at my job...and the bootcamp helped me because I had a lot of experience and was there to prove it and could focus on my weaknesses...but you should know that the certification system is corrupt as hell. Corrupt on a level where I will never seek another certification unless I'm "forced" to (you must be certified to work for consulting firms). I would venture to say that all of the Microsoft Certified Masters are cramming brain dumps (not even brain dumps, they are the exact questions/answers). Microsoft's tests are very tough/rigorous if approached honestly and ethically however.

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