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Comment: Re:Lots of highly paid folks (Score 4, Informative) 108

no one ever said 'min wage' for h1b.

but its minimum in RELATIVE terms because there's no reason to have to pay local salary rates if you don't have to.

maybe its only 10k less or 5k less but if the workforce is over 50% indian (bay area: its more like 80% or more; wish I was kidding) and a huge percent of those are h1b's, then it adds up.

there are pay windows or ranges and every h1b salary is on the low end of the range. because, "they can" and they do get away with it.

the indentured servant is 100% true; once you are onboard, you are abused, overworked and treated like shit. they know that you are stuck there. they brought you in FOR that reason, mostly.

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