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Comment: Re:Spilling over to white people (Score 2) 231

by datavirtue (#47711225) Attached to: $125,000 Settlement Given To Man Arrested for Photographing NYPD

Let's not muddy this argument with facts! I have a perception of Obama being on vacation all of the time and no one is going to take that from me. Aside from bouncing your ball peen hammer of facts against my stone wall of cognitive dissonance there is one thing I know for certain: Regan == Good, Obama == Bad. End. Of. Story. Asshole!

Comment: Re:It's not a marketplace.. (Score 1) 258

by datavirtue (#47575979) Attached to: Is the App Store Broken?

Crreating apps is just something companies have to do to support their customers now-. I have been playing some good games that professionally developed but I'm not going to pay for them. The fact that I play the game and engage in PVP is enough payment--my participation adds value to their product. If you are going to create a killer app the mobile version is only going to be one aspect of it.

Comment: Re:Amazon as infrastructure (Score 1) 168

by datavirtue (#47532199) Attached to: Amazon's Ambitious Bets Pile Up, and Its Losses Swell

Even though Amazon has very good prices I find the most value in being a Prime member spending less time tracking down what I need. I don't have to drive...I don't have to find...I don't have to guess. The reviews are right there and the customer service is great. Click, shows up in 1.5 days...and I live in the deep countryside. Anything that removes my dependence on Wal-Mart's shitty retail and grocery management is a great thing.

Comment: Re:The Station Wagon Was Killed by CAFE Standards (Score 1) 205

by datavirtue (#47503213) Attached to: New Toyota Helps You Yell At the Kids

I know. I would rather they dump their kids off somewhere, drive two-seaters, and whoop it up at all the latest hot spots. Thing is, when their kids are growning up (teen they will have a much richer life than you will without those people (kids and all their friends and family) in your life. Being a parent is rather inglorious at first, in fact it is downright humiliating, but coming out of it with your kids in tow is a great life. Careful what you wish for.

Comment: Re:He has no clue. (Score 0) 186

Now they'd just have to check the data mine and see if you bought a pack of smokes, and levy the fee anyway (but this time make it bigger, because, you know, you . I could also see healthcare insurers charging you extra money if you visit a fast-food joint more than x times of month (where x > 1), or bought more than x amounts of soda at the grocery store.

I have been dreaming of this for a while. I want my discount or my insanely cheap health insurance because I make healthy decisions. Right now I'm lumped in with a shit mound of assholes who guzzle soda, live on fast food, smoke cigarettes, and drown themselves in alcohol. I'm not to happy about paying for their unabashed hedonism while they kick back, party, and welcome my contribution to their happiness. Bring on the data mining. Data doesn't lie.

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