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Comment: Could this explain where all the dark mater is? (Score 1) 123

I can imagine that if we were able isolate a region from the Higgs field (much as we use Faraday cages, i.e. metal boxes, to protect circuits from electromagnetic interferences), we can turn all the particles inside the region massless.

I know he was just theorising, but if it is possible to isolate regions of space from the Higgs field, thus reducing the mass of the contents, then wouldn't that explain where the missing dark matter in the universe is? Could it simply be located in areas of space where the Higgs field is non-existent or reduced?

Comment: Been done before (Score 5, Informative) 69

by dastardlydavros (#34099246) Attached to: Will Wright To Make Fan-Participation TV Show
This isn't a new idea - Let the Blood Run Free did this back in the 90s. You could phone in at the end of the show and choose which direction the storyline would take. Dorothy Conniving-Bitch was my favourite character mwahahahaha!

Comment: Holographic uses? (Score 1) 127

by dastardlydavros (#33513172) Attached to: Tractor Beams Come To Life
I wonder if they could use this to produce mid air holograms? If they can suspend a single particle and have it glowing like that, then on a larger scale with multiple glowing particles you could build a 3D image without the need of a diffraction medium or vapour as with current mid air displays. Depending on the speed the particles can be manipulated, they could maybe even act as scan line dots.

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