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Comment: Re:GPL Violation? (Score 5, Insightful) 336

by daskinil (#29541251) Attached to: Google Serves a Cease and Desist On Android Modder
Umm, Linux is the same way, developers have the freedom to write a closed source app for it. Which is good. Otherwise I wouldn't have matlab on linux. Which is an industry standard for many engineering applications. So this is really not too news worthy, Google has closed source apps and open source apps. Just because a company has some OSS apps, doesn't mean they can't defend the rest of their apps.

Comment: Re:Who Cares (Score 1) 364

by daskinil (#29288961) Attached to: Game Over For Sony and Open Source?
I think you under estimate the cost of software development, test, and validation. Could easily cost a few million. Also I doubt they are counting their savings based on the optimistic lifetime expectancy of the PS3. Especially since this is only a single hardware revision, and you'd have to factor the cost of maintaining the drivers across all revisions. Either way I doubt it saves you more than a few dollars, but thats alot considering the number of ps3 users that actually plan to do this,

Comment: Re:how on earth? (Score 0) 748

by daskinil (#20306289) Attached to: Playing Music Slows Vista Network Performance?
Well since such a large portion of Vista is new completely rewritten code, I'd imagine it's going to be alot slower til the bugs are fixed up. Hopefully, if their architecture is better than XP as they say it is,... they'll only have to rewrite indivudal components,... I hope. Service Pack 2 for Vista could even double the speed if they get their act together. Hopefully by then people will realize that DRM sucks and MS can start removing some shit from their tubes. lol. then it might be comparable to XP maybe

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