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+ - Can technology help us move past divisive politics->

Submitted by dashersey
dashersey (751215) writes "There's a very controversial article making the rounds on alternet, the leading progressive liberal news site. It posits that neuroscience and technology might enable us to transcend the type of emotionally charged head-butting that so characterizes recent politics in this country."
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+ - CNET: iPhone app to upgrade your mental software->

Submitted by dashersey
dashersey (751215) writes "CNET is covering an innovative iPhone app that helps its users become more happy and peaceful. It's an exciting redefinition of "personal" technology, taking advantage of the ever-present iPhone to bring us back to ourselves several times per day and help us "re-wire" our negative emotional habits. Pretty cool!"
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+ - iPhone App to Calm You Down?->

Submitted by dashersey
dashersey (751215) writes "We've made great advances in personal technology — the hardware that our lives run ON — but virtually nothing has been done about the mental "software" that determines HOW we live our lives: whether we are happy & productive or sad and destructive. This article talks about an app that is changing all that."
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Comment: Ah the Irony .... (Score 1) 364

by dashersey (#21998938) Attached to: Firefox Struggling to Compete as Corporate Browser
"Risk-averse corporate users" are afraid of firefox because of no guaranteed support? Hello, isn't the last 10 years of evidence enough to suggest that IE is the riskiest browser out there?? I know when I use it at home, it's almost a guaranteed recipe for spyware, cookie snatching, and malicious websites thanks to the (in)security model of ActiveX.

I guess it proves the old adage ... "better the devil you know!"

"You're a creature of the night, Michael. Wait'll Mom hears about this." -- from the movie "The Lost Boys"