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Comment: Re:Why Local storage? (Score 1) 185

This is an interesting real-time map of the mid atlantic region of the usa that shows real time pricing, and load data for their internections.

One of the more interesting conditions is when a region is willing to pay another to take their power, or watch the price of a megawatt spike over $300 in a couple of minutes, since Enron is not involved, it can and has, dropped just as fast too.

Comment: Re: To answer your question (Score 1) 279

by daryl_and_daryl (#49130849) Attached to: Intel Moving Forward With 10nm, Will Switch Away From Silicon For 7nm

Respectfully, you are likely not using a 'full size' keyboard.

I learned to type on an IBM Selectric Typewriter (yeah, I'm old) - You will not find a full size keyboard at newegg.

IBM, Model M, from 1984, came with the IBM 5150, that was a masterpiece of a full size computer keyboard.

It weighed more than a heavy laptop today, made noise, and was arguably the best computer keyboard ever made. I would doubt that your keyboard has as much pitch, rake and travel of the Model M. A true full size keyboard.

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