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Comment Not Just Federal Employees (Score 1) 122 122

It is critical to remember that millions of these files were for DOD contractors. Spread across 100's of companies, which provide far less stable employment with a constantly changing workforce. As well a the tangle of former military and federal workers who moved into DOD contracting.

Comment Just because the word robot is used ... (Score 1) 54 54

it does not mean that panic is the only option.

TFA speaks of student - instructor dual controls as if it is a novel concept.

It also speaks of multi-time zone issues. The problem is not the time displayed on the clock (see VCR 12:00). Delay of signals that are transmitted 1000s of miles is a well understood concept. The solution is not hard, keeping the surgeon and the patient adjacent to each other has long been considered a requirement for successful surgery.

Next up .. beware of the TOBOR

Comment Re:Here's a thought... (Score 1) 312 312

Everyone has a video camera

In Baltimore (and I am sure other places), the politicians have promised to put a body cam on every cop in the City. With plans to make the video easily available to the public.

This means that essentially anyone that any cop glances at will recorded. The idea seems to be that if a cop knows that all their actions are being recorded, cops can easily be held accountable for their actions. After all, cops that do nothing wrong have nothing to worry about.

If the police said they were going to start a community safety program, which would constantly record all the actions the citizens of the City, children included, 24/7 in over 100 places constantly moving through all areas of the City. Ordinary citizens have no reason to fear the camera, if they have done nothing wrong . If they do not want to be recorded, they can stay inside, hide their face, or just turn around and run from the cop with the camera.

People would riot in the streets. Invasion of privacy lawsuits would be filed. People would be even more reluctant to talk to the police, knowing a video of the interview would become easily available to everyone. 'Think of the Children' (being recorded) would become a war cry.

Adults and children, need to learn early and often, that past actions may have consequences. ( the law of unintended consequences must also present great attention)

Comment Re:Google dropped the ball being too permissive (Score 1) 202 202

You can shift this idea around, and say that people that play with various carriers/manufactures android toys must be aware that the might not get updates.

How many would howl if Google forced updates on users. This is the start of the path to the walled garden.

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