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Comment: Re:Sudden? (Score 1) 263

Not sudden, but since the last Ice Age.

Honestly - What kind of time frame are we talking about, with the current Global Warming concerns ?

Until absolute compliance with the Kyoto Protocol would produce a measurable difference ?
Until volcanic eruptions cause some level of Global Cooling ?
Until the Hampton's are not seen as desirable real estate ?
Until any trees currently living decompose and release CO2 back into the atmosphere ?
Until Iceland is not habitable ?
Until a land bridge exists between the USA and Russia ?

What is the confidence level in our ability to predict Global conditions 100 years from now ?

Comment: Re:Mixed reaction (Score 1) 318

by daryl_and_daryl (#49752147) Attached to: Battle To Regulate Ridesharing Moves Through States

There is no need to completely tear up the rule book - This is a false dichotomy argument.

How does the taxi industry currently force bad taxi drivers out of the industry ?

Uber is designed to fill a need that is not covered by the taxi industry, no one is expecting the taxi industry to be handed over to such services.

In my own car, I have very little recourse if I suffer property damage, or personal injury by an unlicensed driver in an uninsured car. The law, in Maryland at least, requires both the license and insurance to drive a car on the roads. They are not forced off the streets.

Some thoughts you have might be both valid and useful in the discussion about Uber, but not those in this posting.

Comment: The Rockets Red Glare (Score 2) 141

by daryl_and_daryl (#49590405) Attached to: Can Riots Be Predicted By Social Media?

The Flag that '... was still there ...' was flying over Baltimore.

The City has a long and proud history, but it hit zombie status years ago.

The City can not support itself in its status as an independent city anymore, and has not been able to do this for years.

Social Media has a number of examples showing the Baltimore City Police failing in their serve and protect role.

This is not the fault of the Police, it is a symptom of systemic failure and not the cause. Sadly, political failure, egos, pissing contests and power plays do not make for good video clips. Violence, mass protest, and destruction, that is what gets views, clicks, and tweets.

Comment: The Plague is all natural ... (Score 1) 630

by daryl_and_daryl (#49574291) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

Sodium Saccharin was removed removed from almost everything in the 70's, because it was 'so dangerous,' but now it is 'ok' again.

People become fat when they consume more calories than they expend.

More than a few people have reactions to sugar levels in their blood, and must control this problem with injections.

You can not generate sugar crystals from cane without processing.

Aspartame causes problems in some.

Human physiology is complex, this is not news to anyone

The solution of this problem is trivial and is left as an exercise for the reader.