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Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 588

It ADA would apply where it applies.

If the school can not reasonably accommodate someone who thinks they suffer from the effects of wi-fi, they do not need to do this.

If his condition were to expand to where the thought that the 60Hz signals radiating out from mains wires, switches, and wall outlets caused problems, the school would not be obligated to remove all wires.

If he has a physical handicap that prevents him from playing baseball well enough to pitch in the World Series, it is not reasonable for MLB to provide accommodations allowing for that to be possible.

Comment Re:Wrong folks to ask (Score 1) 105

How do you arrive at the point that the FCC is responsible for your choice in phones? If you want a phone that updates the operating system cleanly and easily and without a delay between the software release and an update being offered by your carrier, buy an iPhone. The FCC could easily grant your wish, and then the carriers could choose to use only 5 year old versions of operating systems. You can reach the same point by using a 5 year old release of the phone os.

Comment Re:Already patched (Score 1) 105

Serious question to android user: why use the device? I understand wanting a smart phone that works the way that you want it to work, and it is frustrating than you can not have it. But if it is a question of just owning a phone, there are many options that do not require android, ios, or windows. Software will always be vulnerable to attacks, exploits or hardware errors.

Comment Congress tried this, (Score 1) 458

There were a number of people elected to congress with the campaign promise that they would limit themselves to 1 term. Once in office they decided to stay.

The perks of being a 'public servant' need to be lowered to the point where it really is a sacrifice, until such time, why leave office ?

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