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Android Outsells iPhone In Last 6 Months 514

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the more-competing-please dept.
tomhudson writes "Despite all the hype about Apple's latest iPhone, Android has sold more in the last 6 months (27% of all smartphone sales) than Apple (23%). The gains for Android are coming at the expense of RIM (still #1 at 33%, down from 45% a year ago), Windows Mobile (11%, down from 20%) and the iPhone (down from 34% at it's peak 6 months ago). If the current trend continues, Android is expected to be #1 within the year."

Olympus Digital Camera Ships With a Worm 249

Posted by kdawson
from the do-not-get-too-close-to-the-viewfinder dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Olympus Japan has issued a warning to customers who have bought its Stylus Tough 6010 digital compact camera that it comes with an unexpected extra — a virus on its internal memory card. The Autorun worm cannot infect the camera itself, but if it is plugged into a Windows computer's USB port, it can copy itself onto the PC, then subsequently infect any attached USB device. Olympus says it 'humbly apologizes' for the incident, which is believed to have affected some 1,700 units. The company said it will make every effort to improve its quality control procedures in future. Security company Sophos says that more companies need to wake up to the need for better quality control to ensure that they don't ship virus-infected gadgets. At the same time, consumers should learn to always ensure Autorun is disabled, and scan any device for malware before they use it on their computer."

US Confirms Underwater Oil Plume 353

Posted by kdawson
from the told-you-so dept.
oxide7 writes "An underwater three-dimensional map of the oil spill is closer to becoming a reality, now that the US has for the first time confirmed the discovery of a subsurface oil plume resulting from the ruptured BP well. The government agency in charge of ocean science has received the first of several expected reports from university investigators aboard research ships detailing specific locations where oil has been found below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. The government, which denied reports of giant underwater oil plumes in mid-May, said researchers at the time had not confirmed the presence of conglomerated oil." The New York Times talked with scientists on a two-week mission in the Gulf and reported them "awed" at the size and density of the underwater plume.

Comment: late night call from tier 2 (Score 1) 299

by dartmongrel (#31880346) Attached to: ClamAV Forced Upgrade Breaks Email Servers
Once recently I had to call a guy in noc to tell him all our people were getting warnings from Thunderbird that an email about to be sent contained a virus attached in a pdf. When he looked into it, (he had just gotten home to his terminal as he talked to me on his mobile) he started doing stuff. He started getting me to test, then ...etc. the three servers that handle mail in out company. In the end, he just said 'fuck it' and disabled it completely.

+ - BBC censors Bhutto interview: "Bin Laden is de-> 1

Submitted by
The Internet

Wikia Search Engine to be Launched on January 7th 189

Posted by timothy
from the wisdom-of-crowds dept.
cagnol writes "The Washington Post reports that Jimmy Wales, the founder of online encyclopedia Wikipedia, has announced the launch of a new open-source search engine, Wikia Search, on January 7th, 2008. The project will allow the community to help rank search results, in a model close to Wikipedia. However the company is a for-profit organization. This new search is supposed to challenge Google and Yahoo."

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