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Comment: Re:Security team (Score 1) 517 517

I think you took my meaning as the opposite of what I intended. I'm not boasting that the future is here and civilized people telecommute with no drive... I'm lamenting the 1.5-2 hour commutes around NYC.

A 20 minutes drive is cute because I would love it like a cute little bunny.

Comment: Re:There are ten types of people (Score 1) 96 96

> There are two kinds of people:
> 1. The ones that can extrapolate

I would argue that by stating there are two kinds of people, you have set up a mental model of a set of two. Then by leaving one of the two to the readers imagination you are requiring *interpolation* not extrapolation. You are not extending the set.

Comment: Re:Where is my high speed LAN? (Score 1) 179 179

Just to be clear for the interested (and the haters), I mean real LAN networking not point-to-point between two computers. I'll spring for the switch ($800 Netgear). I only need one switch. Each 10GB NIC costs more than most of my computers.

Comment: Re:No thank you (Score 1) 203 203

I usually fly out of JFK, but recently I had a flight out of LaGuardia. Imaging a system of bureaucracy designed by Kafka and Terry Gilliam and you'll be close. Every interaction is perfectly honed to create the maximum frustration possible. To top it off, the staff of every business present has become so numb to misery that not a soul gives a f* or will lend the slightest assistance in any way.
I would rather a 2 hour trip to New Jersey to fly out of Newark instead of going to LaGuardia.
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