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Comment Re:No co-op (Score 1) 263

Isn't that exactly what "family sharing" does?

FTA: "See a family member's installed game that you want to play? Send them a request to authorize the computer. Once authorized, the lender's library of Steam games become available for others on the machine to access, download and play. "

Comment Re:Any Different? (Score 2) 1069

In other news, its not like they force the LGBT encounters on you in the game. You pretty much have to consciously chose them.

Finally, some sanity. You have to consciously seek out any "intimate relationship" with the other characters, whether homo- or hetero-sexual in nature. In fact I think it's even possible to go through the first two games without *any* type of sexual relationship (haven't played ME3 yet, but I would assume the same is true there as well).

Comment "NBC" didn't do anything (Score 4, Insightful) 1005

This article refers to things that NBC decided, did, or said regarding their outrageous editing of George Zimmerman's 911 call.

But NBC exists only in a legal sense. It has no brain. It makes no decisions. And it's really incapable of giving a rat's ass about criticisms it might receive from the right of the political spectrum.

The things that NBC "says" or "does" are really said or done by the people who work, mostly anonymously, inside the protective bubble we refer to as NBC.

We're not permitted to know which of those people made the "error" in question. But we know who is the one ultimately responsible for it.

That would be Steve Capus, the president of NBC news. As the top guy, he is ultimately responsible for everything NBC "says" or "does".

And now, Steve Capus is responsible for the whitewashing of this "error."

Steve Capus must be held accountable for this travesty that happened on his watch. Steve Capus must step down as the president of NBC News.

Every post about this issue should frame it as what it really is: Malicious malpractice, committed and covered up by Steve Capus.

Comment Re:First Illegal Troll (Score 2) 474

We do pay more taxes, as it happens. I would think as a resident of a state which pays less federal tax than it takes in federal money, you'd be a little less spiteful.

I would posit that most states pay less federal tax that they take in federal funds... otherwise we would not have a budget deficit.

Comment Re:Next up : Toilet scanners (Score 1) 284

OK, so the direct analogy falls apart... but the larger point is made by a commenter upstream, that the military has access to personnel and weapons that would easily decimate any sort of uprising. Heck, your state National Guard probably has access to those weapons - artillery and air strikes can win a conflict :)

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