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Comment: Re:I'm not sure it's relevant. (Score 2) 134

I think your boss has the right of it. I loved programming ever since I had my first taste of it in 4th grade. And I had parents that had the means and will to a) care about my education and b) buy a computer for me when I was in 5th grade. Not everyone is as lucky as I was.


Comment: Re:Or just practicing for an actual job (Score 1) 320

If I were teaching, I'd be happy if my students were clever enough to realize the simpler solution and even happier if they already understood recursion. From a student point of view, I was always more interested if the problems we were given showed a useful application of the lesson instead of the teacher giving a not very well thought out problem and getting mad at us if we solved it a different way than the lesson instructed.

Comment: Re:Or just practicing for an actual job (Score 1) 320

by darkwing_bmf (#48371365) Attached to: Duke: No Mercy For CS 201 Cheaters Who Don't Turn Selves In By Wednesday

The code without the extra loop:

st = ""
for i in range(10):

I think this falls under the instructor trying to copy the lesson on embedded loops but not recognizing that the original lesson was based on printing one character at a time in a language other than Python (which doesn't print one character at a time by default). When the code was converted to Python, the original stipulation of only printing one character at a time was removed and with it the reason for the interior loop.

Comment: Re:That's true, but... (Score 1) 212

by darkwing_bmf (#48359773) Attached to: New Book Argues Automation Is Making Software Developers Less Capable

don't understand why the O(n!) code that worked fine on a ten-item list suddenly performs horribly with a twenty-item list.
        don't understand why sending network data one byte at a time results in horrible performance.
        don't understand that they shouldn't keep waking up the CPU over and over, and then wonder why their app is sucking down battery power like there's no tomorrow.
        don't understand the basics of multithreaded programming, run everything on the main thread, and wonder why their app freezes while they are doing I/O.

None of those things is dependent on low level coding experience. Well, possibly the network data one, but even there you're more likely to screw up by trying to do something low level (like send a byte at a time by hand) than you are by just using the appropriate library functions.

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