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Submission + - Space collaboration beyond ISS->

darkstar019 writes: As ISRO aims to go beyond Mars exploration towards, sun, venus and asteroids, it is eyeing for collaboration with other leading space agencies like NASA and ESA.
While the promise looks good, there might be arguments about who gets how much of a pie from the results (and potential benefits) arising from such deep space exploration.

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Submission + - China hacks into DRDO-> 1

darkstar019 writes: As Chinese hackers have hacked into India's DRDO(Defence Research & Development Organisation), it raises serious questions into whether the hackers are competent enough or are the DRDO officials foolish enough to put the blame on Chinese pen-drives as they say.
Given the reservation policy in place for all government posts in India, one can only speculate the latter to be the source of this latest breach.

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Submission + - India plans fastest supercomputer by 2017->

darkstar019 writes: India is planning a 100 Million computer that is going to be at least 61 times faster than Sequoia, if its roadmap finishes as expected. Currently, the most powerful supercomputer is at 58th position in the list of top 100 supercomputers(http://www.top500.org/list/2012/06/100).
What remains to be seen is whether this claim will be met or would it be another failed project due to corruption or incompetence.

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Submission + - Indian BMD shield ready-> 1

darkstar019 writes: The ballistic missile defense shield system (at par with Patriot 3 system) has reached its operational readiness and is ready to be deployed in two cities. One wonders how much time it would take to respond to an actual chinese/pakistani threat given the IRBMs are only minutes away from destroying major cities.
The two level BMD still appears a few years away.

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Submission + - Free or open source for students?->

darkstar019 writes: As if the bundled proprietary software is not enough on hardware, many companies are coercing government in India to use their software for educating students. While this may be benefiting to the providers, students knowing only regional languages are kept outside the digital divide. Also, the spirit of sharing and innovation has to be inculcated amongst students right from their education.
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