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Comment: Cory Doctorow is right There is a war... (Score 1) 535

by darkharlequin (#42475321) Attached to: The Android SDK Is No Longer Free Software
...on general computing going on. If you can't load this onto a 'handset' what is there stopping google from broadening what is defined as a handset as to restrict developers to specific closed development platforms. We are back to paying 10000 for an intellec8 dev station; living in the nintendo and sony world...

Comment: Strike that, reverse it... (Score 1) 1

by darkharlequin (#41307579) Attached to: Is a Computer Science Degree Worth Getting Anymore?
Because there's no loyalty from employer to employee, employees no longer see the benefit in staying at one company and sacrificing potential wage gains when they know they can be laid off at a moment's notice. Why not play the same game as employers who will lay off for a gain in profit at the drop of a hat?

+ - AntiSec Strikes Back, Hacks GlobalCert->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec writes: Hackers of the AntiSec group are at it again and GlobalCerts – a firm offering solutions such as certificate management, secure messaging is apparently their next victim. A member of the hacking collective, called Stun (57UN) and affiliated with the notorious hacktivist group Anonymous has claimed to have hacked his way through GlobalCert’s ( network. The hacker has also posted a file containing 1,600 names, job titles, phone numbers, email addresses, company names and other information.
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Comment: Protectionism.... (Score 2) 1201

by darkharlequin (#40399677) Attached to: Why Bad Jobs (or No Jobs) Happen To Good Workers
If you won't protect the wages of your skilled workers who you claim to need by not allowing foreigners into the country, then you must not protect the intellectual property of companies offering patent and copyright and tariffs to protect against dumping. Period. The USA is prohibited from treating one individual different than another by the 14th amendment. Precisely analogous to not allowing minorities equal civil rights is not allowing workers equal economic rights--sometimes they overlap.

+ - Dell manufacturing defect on the m5030 laptop is a ticking timebomb->

Submitted by darkharlequin
darkharlequin writes: After carefully considering all of my options last April, I purchased a Dell computer from Best Buy to complete my taxes. It seemed like a good enough deal, and it was a Dell, which we use quite frequently at my job(Uncle Sam). Turns out, thought, the machine was a ticking time bomb, and that time bomb was set to go off about 1 year after the laptop was manufactured--which conveniently coincides with the end of the manufacturer's warranty. This gives me pause as to the manufacturing processes of Dell, which I have come to expect to be outstanding.
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