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+ - Why Hasn't Congress Stopped Your Boss From Asking for Your Passwords?-> 2

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pigrabbitbear writes "Imagine you’ve made it into the second round of interviews at a prospective employer, and they ask for your Facebook password in order to have a look around. (Yes, this actually happens.) Unless you’ve been poised for a career in politics (or you are a total lame-o), you’re probably not too pumped on what they are about to see. And from a legal perspective, it sure sounds like an intrusive proposition.

In some states, such conduct would be illegal. California is the latest state to enact a law that prevents employers from requesting access to an employee’s or a prospective employee’s social media account. Already, Delaware, Maryland, and Illinois have enacted similar legislation, and in 2012 alone 14 states have considered laws that would restrict employers from requesting access to social networking usernames and passwords of applicants, students, or employees."

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Comment: Re:Still don't get the point (Score 1) 241

by darguskelen (#40205135) Attached to: First Steps With the Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi + Bluetooth dongle + a little bit of bluetooth dev programming.

All of a sudden I have an easily flashable, copy-ready device to deploy to do bluetooth monitoring on a large scale for ~$50 ea.


Not saying it's a good idea or even legal, but that'd be something to consider. Quick setup and deployment of a network of devices. Since the hardware is the same minus the MAC addresses, makes it VERY easy to pop the same image into multiple devices with a script to update the MAC on boot.

Comment: Re:I think the generally accepted solution (Score 1) 371

by darguskelen (#38184422) Attached to: Good Disk Library Solutions?
Don't sell/give away/throw out the discs. That's where the "Piracy" thing comes in. However, I believe that translating from a physical disc to an HD should fall under fair use, as long as you have the original discs. Plus it keeps the discs nice and clean and undamaged (I'm currently collecting a series of DVDs and doing exactly this to keep the discs pristine)

+ - Investigating the Performance of Firefox 4 and IE9->

Submitted by theweatherelectric
theweatherelectric (2007596) writes "Mozilla's Robert O'Callahan has posted an article on his blog in which he investigates the performance differences between Firefox 4 and IE9. He writes, 'As I explained in my last post, Microsoft's PR about "full hardware acceleration" is a myth. But it's true that some graphics benchmarks consistently report better scores for IE9 than for Firefox, so over the last few days I've been looking into that. Below I'll explain the details [of] what I've found about various commonly-cited benchmarks, but the summary is that the performance differences are explained by relatively small bugs in Firefox, bugs in IE9, and bugs in the benchmarks, not due to any major architectural issues in Firefox (as Microsoft would have you believe).'"
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Comment: Re:Illegal (Score 1) 245

by darguskelen (#33800572) Attached to: One Man's Fight Against Forum Spam
Oops. I missed that part when I was reading the article. My point of view is not whether what he's doing is moral, immoral, legal or not. I know *I* would rather have someone notify me that there are some accounts on my forum that are specifically spam so I can take action against those accounts rather than let them fester to be used later. Apparently that is the unpopular opinion on /. in this case.

Comment: Re:Illegal (Score 1) 245

by darguskelen (#33798130) Attached to: One Man's Fight Against Forum Spam
They might. He didn't change any of the passwords, just guessed them, though. So Google might be more interested in knowing that spam is coming from the OTHER IPs that are accessing those same accounts. Heck, if they do a little digging I'm sure they can come up with more than a couple IPs that if blocked could stop a lot of spam.

Comment: Re:Illegal (Score 1) 245

by darguskelen (#33797688) Attached to: One Man's Fight Against Forum Spam
Actually, he didn't do this to your site. He setup a vacation responder on the e-mail address that the bot was using that automatically responded to YOUR automated e-mail. And I'm willing to bet that for every ONE person that knows how to run his site, the vacation auto responder HELPED a couple dozen people kill a spam account that they didn't want on their site. It also teaches those people to be a little more stringent with their registration requirements.

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