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Comment: Re:I have an even better idea (Score 1) 304

by dargaud (#48893249) Attached to: Government Recommends Cars With Smarter Brakes
I completely disagree with you. If there were enough people with (rightfully so) suspended licences in the US they would work to improve the infrastructure. You know that there are cities in the US that you CANNOT cross on foot ? Yes, I've lived there.

Another country that has driving peculiarities is France where you can buy licence-less car (voitures sans permis). Small cars that you can drive without license, or with a suspended license. They legally top out to 60km/h but I've seen some beefed up to go 120km/h. When you seen one you KNOW it's driven either by a drunk or by a blind 90 year old. Fuck those people and the car they rode onto. Let them walk or bike.


Ask Slashdot: Best Anti-Virus Software In 2015? Free Or Paid? 467

Posted by Soulskill
from the what-would-you-put-on-your-grandma's-computer dept.
CryoKeen writes: I got a new laptop recently after trading in my old laptop for store credit. While I was waiting to check out, the sales guy just handed me some random antivirus software (Trend Micro) that was included with the purchase. I don't think he or I realized at the time that the CD/DVD he gave me would not work because my new laptop does not have a CD/DVD player.

Anyway, it got me wondering whether I should use it or not. Would I be better off downloading something like Avast or Malwarebytes? Is there one piece of antivirus software that's significantly better than the others? Are any of the paid options worthwhile, or should I just stick to the free versions? What security software would you recommend in addition to anti-virus?

Comment: Re:Just give the option to turn it off... (Score 1) 820

by dargaud (#48882905) Attached to: Fake Engine Noise Is the Auto Industry's Dirty Little Secret
Yeah, but it is only because the cities are so drowned in noise from other cars. Once all cars are quiet, the problem will solve itself (you can still hear them enough when its quiet). But if you mandate noise on them, it'll never happen. A quiet city would be awesome, particularly if you've ever lived near a busy road.

Several European Countries Lay Groundwork For Heavier Internet Censorhip 319

Posted by timothy
from the were-you-in-a-free-speech-zone-at-the-time? dept.
Gigaom reports that more internet censorship may be on the way, as several European countries' governments do a unity rally of their own, in the wake of the last week's terror attacks in France: The interior ministers of France, Germany, Latvia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the U.K. said in a statement (PDF) that, while the internet must remain “in scrupulous observance of fundamental freedoms, a forum for free expression, in full respect of the law,” ISPs need to help “create the conditions of a swift reporting of material that aims to incite hatred and terror and the condition of its removing, where appropriate/possible.” ... It seems, to say the least, an awkward reaction to what was in part a free-speech-related attack — the left-wing Charlie Hebdo has itself frequently been accused of hate speech for its portrayal of Muslims and others. On that front, a German newspaper that reprinted blasphemous Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Mohammed in the wake of the attack was firebombed in the early hours of Sunday morning, with no injuries. Others that did the same remain under police guard.

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