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Comment Re:Dear Mr Musk... (Score 3, Interesting) 396

On a side note, as a european, I can add that electric bikes have been making a silent killing in the last one or two years, mostly for city use, but also for farther commuting (some cities have bike path that never cross a road) and even mountain bike use (for older people). The bike shops that used to sell road bikes and mountain bikes now mostly sell those same bikes, but electric. And it's slowly changing the cities (more bike paths, you can take trains/buses with bikes, etc).
United States

The US and China Agree Not To Conduct Economic Espionage In Cyberspace 107

blottsie writes: The leaders of China and the United States agreed on Friday to take new steps to address cyberspying, vowing that neither country would conduct or knowingly support the theft of intellectual property. Senior law-enforcement and intelligence officials from both nations will evaluate how the two major powers respond to each other's requests for assistance fighting "malicious cyber activity," the White House said in a statement. The group will hold its first meeting before the end of the year, with subsequent meetings occurring twice per year.

Comment Re:Been saying this for years (Score 1) 683

I'm becoming convinced that space exploration will only start when either of those happens, and it will skip local planets and go to the stars directly: - artificial wombs and robot teaching so that the crew can be grown before landing. - brain to silicon transfer is commonplace and a tiny probe carrying plenty of 'human brains' is sent to explore the stars. But by then simulated worlds will be a lot more interesting than dull planets, hell, they already are !

Comment Re:So glad I don't watch TV (Score 1) 307

And so what ? I also sometimes mention that I quit TV 30 years ago as it was quite literally sucking all my time (and brain cells). I mention it because, as stupid as it seems, many people have no idea that it's possible to live without a TV. I'm not exaggerating. It's a bit similar to some discussion with religious people where they go: "It's impossible to live without believing in some kind of god..."
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WWII Bomb Shelter Becomes Hi-Tech Salad Farm 122

asjk points out a story of how a World War II bomb shelter, situated 33 meters beneath the streets of London, has been turned into a high-tech hydroponic farm. "The growing system uses energy-efficient LEDs instead of sun, no pesticides, needs 70 percent less water than growing plants in open fields, and less energy than a greenhouse." The computer-controlled environment is designed to shorten the growth cycle of plants like coriander and radishes. They're currently only using about a quarter of the gear necessary to fill up the shelter, but they can produce 5,000-20,000 kilograms of food per year, depending on what they raise. Co-founder Steven Dring said, "We've got to utilize the spaces we've got. There's a finite amount of land and we can grow salads and herbs — which start losing flavor and quality as soon as you cut them — in warehouses and rooftops in cities near the people who will eat them. Use the rural land for things like carrots, potatoes and livestock."

Comment Re:Kitty loves Robot (Score 2) 146

One thing that would be really great is a laptop with an eInk screen, so that you'd be able to use it in full sun. Even the best laptops are difficult to read under the shade of a tree (and at max screen power the battery doesn't last long). But as far as I know color eInks have been in the development stages for forever, and B&W ones have not made it out of eReader displays.

I'd love to have a laptop with a changeable screen (press the button and pop it out): normal and eInk. Or even: eInk, Glossy, Matte, very high-res, etc... It could also be a fun DIY project to take an eReader and add a video input, put the tablet in front of your screen and connect it to the DVI or whatever video port of your laptop.

Comment Re:A simple test is in order (Score 2) 456

Exact same story here. We installed a wifi repeater in the lobby at work. The hostess started complaining about the 'microwaves hurting her'. But it wasn't even turned on yet (we were still building the rest of the system), only the LED on its power. When we finally turned it on we put a piece of black tape over the LED and told her that we'd turned it off. Everything was fine after that. Some people deserve to be slapped.

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