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New Global Plan Would Crack Down On Corporate Tax Avoidance 316

Posted by Soulskill
from the bring-our-benjamins-home dept. writes: Reuters reports that plans for a major rewriting of international tax rules have been unveiled by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) that could eliminate structures that have allowed companies like Google and Amazon to shave billions of dollars off their tax bills. For more than 50 years, the OECD's work on international taxation has been focused on ensuring companies are not taxed twice on the same profits (and thereby hampering trade and limit global growth). But companies have been using such treaties to ensure profits are not taxed anywhere. A Reuters investigation last year found that three quarters of the 50 biggest U.S. technology companies channeled revenues from European sales into low tax jurisdictions like Ireland and Switzerland, rather than reporting them nationally.

For example, search giant Google takes advantage of tax treaties to channel more than $8 billion in untaxed profits out of Europe and Asia each year and into a subsidiary that is tax resident in Bermuda, which has no income tax. "We are putting an end to double non-taxation," says OECD head of tax Pascal Saint-Amans.For the recommendations to actually become binding, countries will have to encode them in their domestic laws or amend their bilateral tax treaties. Even if they do pass, these changes are likely 5-10 years away from going into effect.
Speaking of international corporate business: U.K. mainframe company Micro Focus announced it will buy Attachmate, which includes Novell and SUSE.

Comment: Re:Alexander (Score 3, Interesting) 92

by dargaud (#47878541) Attached to: Who Is Buried In the Largest Tomb Ever Found In Northern Greece?

A DNA test would only be relevant if the remains of another member of Alexander's familly was available for comparison. Ptolemy I may have been the half-brother of Alexander so the answer could be in some of the mummies of that dynasty.

There's actually a likely possibility that the cranium of Alexander's father, Phillip II of Macedonia, has been found some years ago in another tomb. Don't know about the state of DNA on it though.

Comment: Re:Compromise: (Score 1) 486

by dargaud (#47869909) Attached to: To Really Cut Emissions, We Need Electric Buses, Not Just Electric Cars

Humans like cars, not buses.

Talk for yourself. I like the bus a lot more than a car. In the morning I'm sleepy and don't like to drive. In the evening I'm tired and don't like to drive. Plus in the bus I'm comfortable, can nap, talk with the cute chick or most likely watch videos on my phone. I can also bike to work (long ride) in the morning and put the bike in the bus on the way back (uphill). Plus it's cheap. The bus is great.

Exemptions would be made for large families and legitimate business use.

Why ? If you want 6 kids, you should be able to afford them. Otherwise <snip> Overpopulation is to root of all evil so I don't see reasons to encourage it except by economists who think 'growth' can be forever.


Private Police Intelligence Network Shares Data and Targets Cash 142

Posted by samzenpus
from the mine-now-I-take-it dept.
Advocatus Diaboli writes Operating in collaboration with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and other federal entities, Black Asphalt members exchanged tens of thousands of reports about American motorists, many of whom had not been charged with any crimes, according to a company official and hundreds of internal documents obtained by The Post. For years, it received no oversight by government, even though its reports contained law enforcement sensitive information about traffic stops and seizures, along with hunches and personal data about drivers, including Social Security numbers and identifying tattoos. Black Asphalt also has served as a social hub for a new brand of highway interdictors, a group that one Desert Snow official has called 'a brotherhood.' Among other things, the site hosts an annual competition to honor police who seize the most contraband and cash on the highways. As part of the contest, Desert Snow encouraged state and local patrol officers to post seizure data along with photos of themselves with stacks of currency and drugs. Some of the photos appear in a rousing hard-rock video that the Guthrie, Okla.-based Desert Snow uses to promote its training courses.

Comment: Re:Reclining should be banned in coach. (Score 1) 813

by dargaud (#47851657) Attached to: 3 Recent Flights Make Unscheduled Landings, After Disputes Over Knee Room
This has been debated to death already, but I find all your arguments pretty weak, if not plain wrong. What else is there to do on a noisy flight besides taking a nap ? If you want to work, get an office ! As for hurting your back, those seats are way too straight and hurt my back quickly if not reclined. PS: the angle of the table doesn't change upon reclining.

Newly Discovered Asteroid To Pass Within Geostationary Orbit Sunday 101

Posted by Soulskill
from the how's-that-space-program-coming-along dept.
theshowmecanuck writes: A newly found asteroid the size of a house will give earth a close flyby this weekend. It will pass just below satellites in geostationary orbit, and above New Zealand around 14:18 EDT / 18:18 GMT / 06:18 NZST this coming Sunday (Monday morning in NZ). "Asteroid 2014 RC was initially discovered on the night of August 31 by the Catalina Sky Survey near Tucson, Arizona, and independently detected the next night by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope, located on the summit of Haleakal on Maui, Hawaii," NASA officials said in a statement.

Dirty Diapers Used To Grow Mushrooms 97 Screenshot-sm

Posted by samzenpus
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Zothecula writes While their contents might be considered an environmental hazard by many, disposable diapers themselves pose a more significant problem for the environment. According to the EPA, the average baby will work their way through 8,000 of them before they end up in landfill where they'll take centuries to break down. In an effort to reduce the problem, scientists at Mexico's Autonomous Metropolitan University, Azcapotzalco (UAM-A), have turned used diapers to the task of growing mushrooms.

Comment: I did it first ! (Score 5, Interesting) 182

by dargaud (#47823127) Attached to: Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge With Liquid Nitrogen
In 1994 I had a liquid nitrogen tube break above my head while preparing an experiment for Antarctica. About 30 liters poured on my head in a second. I felt it go instantly trough my clothing, run over me, and on the floor. Everybody else in the lab ran away, but I couldn't because it formed a dense could, I couldn't see anything and I was behind a lot of equipment and cables. Then the floor exploded: I couldn't see what was going on but very loud cracking and banging noises later proved to be the tiles shattering. Fortunately I was wearing security shoes and just stood my ground. After the fog cleared I saw some faces at the door: "Are you still alive?"
The Courts

First US Appeals Court Hears Arguments To Shut Down NSA Database 199

Posted by Soulskill
from the good-luck-with-that dept.
An anonymous reader writes: The second of two lawsuits filed against the U.S. government regarding domestic mass surveillance, ACLU vs. Clapper, was heard on Tuesday by "a three-judge panel on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit." The proceeding took an unprecedented two hours (the norm is about 30 minutes), and C-SPAN was allowed to record the whole thing and make the footage available online (video). ACLU's lawyers argued that mass surveillance without warrants violates the 4th Amendment, while lawyers for the federal government argued that provisions within the Patriot Act that legalize mass surveillance without warrants have already been carefully considered and approved by all three branches of government. The judges have yet to issue their ruling.

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