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by dargaud (#47878541) Attached to: Who Is Buried In the Largest Tomb Ever Found In Northern Greece?

A DNA test would only be relevant if the remains of another member of Alexander's familly was available for comparison. Ptolemy I may have been the half-brother of Alexander so the answer could be in some of the mummies of that dynasty.

There's actually a likely possibility that the cranium of Alexander's father, Phillip II of Macedonia, has been found some years ago in another tomb. Don't know about the state of DNA on it though.

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by dargaud (#47869909) Attached to: To Really Cut Emissions, We Need Electric Buses, Not Just Electric Cars

Humans like cars, not buses.

Talk for yourself. I like the bus a lot more than a car. In the morning I'm sleepy and don't like to drive. In the evening I'm tired and don't like to drive. Plus in the bus I'm comfortable, can nap, talk with the cute chick or most likely watch videos on my phone. I can also bike to work (long ride) in the morning and put the bike in the bus on the way back (uphill). Plus it's cheap. The bus is great.

Exemptions would be made for large families and legitimate business use.

Why ? If you want 6 kids, you should be able to afford them. Otherwise <snip> Overpopulation is to root of all evil so I don't see reasons to encourage it except by economists who think 'growth' can be forever.

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by dargaud (#47851657) Attached to: 3 Recent Flights Make Unscheduled Landings, After Disputes Over Knee Room
This has been debated to death already, but I find all your arguments pretty weak, if not plain wrong. What else is there to do on a noisy flight besides taking a nap ? If you want to work, get an office ! As for hurting your back, those seats are way too straight and hurt my back quickly if not reclined. PS: the angle of the table doesn't change upon reclining.

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by dargaud (#47823127) Attached to: Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge With Liquid Nitrogen
In 1994 I had a liquid nitrogen tube break above my head while preparing an experiment for Antarctica. About 30 liters poured on my head in a second. I felt it go instantly trough my clothing, run over me, and on the floor. Everybody else in the lab ran away, but I couldn't because it formed a dense could, I couldn't see anything and I was behind a lot of equipment and cables. Then the floor exploded: I couldn't see what was going on but very loud cracking and banging noises later proved to be the tiles shattering. Fortunately I was wearing security shoes and just stood my ground. After the fog cleared I saw some faces at the door: "Are you still alive?"

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