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Comment: Re:Silly season much (Score 1) 131

by daremonai (#47443885) Attached to: Chinese Couple Sells Children To Support Online Game Addiction
The 1 child law is being eased somewhat, but still, with unmarried parents, there would have been very strong pressure to get an abortion. Which is why I'm a bit skeptical about the story myself.

I watched the Chinese news broadcast, but, while it did feature prison interviews with both supposed parents, didn't really have a lot of details. Of course, there probably wouldn't be too many details given even if the story were true. Still, I found it less than convincing.

Comment: Re:Or rather, Hachette stopped shipping to Amazon. (Score 2) 218

by daremonai (#47078683) Attached to: Amazon Escalates Its Battle Against Publishers
Along those same lines, it should be noted that the paperback edition of "The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon" will not be out until October 7, 2014, so it's not too surprising it was shown as "unavailable." Actually, if you go to Amazon right now, it does list the paperback edition ( as available, but it looks like it's only from third-party sellers, who may have mixed up their hardcover and paperback listings. The hardcover edition is available from Amazon, and at a cheaper price than, say, Barnes and Noble.

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It's an encyclopedia, so one hopes there would be an article on string theory - which article, it should be noted, does have a "criticisms" section.

And there is an article on "Emotional Freedom Techniques" which looks to be fairly factual, as well as critical.

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