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It's an encyclopedia, so one hopes there would be an article on string theory - which article, it should be noted, does have a "criticisms" section.

And there is an article on "Emotional Freedom Techniques" which looks to be fairly factual, as well as critical.

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by daremonai (#44819027) Attached to: Are the NIST Standard Elliptic Curves Back-doored?
Iran is not a semitic country, by and large. The majority of the population is ethnic Persians who speak Farsi, an Indo-European language. The second largest group is the Azerbaijanis, who speak a Turkic language. I don't think the semitic population (mostly Arab and Assyrian) amounts to more than 10%.

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My guess is that all the high numbers represent errors in the filters, or the statistics, or both. Remember, these are only blocked accesses, not all accesses. Why would anyone - even a member of Parliament - repeatedly try some site that was blocked hundreds or thousands of times?

The submitter's theory makes no sense, either. If the drop in numbers was due to the FOI request, why would the numbers be down in February, up in April, and down in June?

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