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Comment Re:Doesn't Make Economic Sense (Score 1) 769 769

The emissions requirements for diesels in the US are increasing. Sorry, it's late, but it has something to do with new diesels having to have 'Urea' tanks, so Urea mixes in with the diesel exhaust to reduce sulfur or something else bad coming out of the tail pipe.. These increased emissions requirements for diesels in the US reduce the fuel efficiency advantage of diesel over a gas engine to a point where it is below ~~ (from my memory of the interview with Bob Lutz )10% advantage (Bob Lutz).

Comment Re:Forget it (Score 1) 323 323

Clackamas Community College (CCC) in Oregon City Oregon are trying out Moodle in some online courses, and as learning aids for on-site courses, and may eventually replace Blackboard with Moodle in the future. My Calculus II class at this Junior College is on Moodle and we use it to ask and answer HW questions between class times.

Comment win 3x on Stress test machine in wafer fab (Score 3, Interesting) 384 384

I used to work at ON Semiconductor in Gresham OR, and they have win3x on a wafer stress testing machine as of 2008. Its an old machine, but still perfectly good because as the feature sizes get smaller with Photolithography, stress testing is the same (as far as testing the flatness of the surface). So yeah, there are still uses for that OS I suppose.

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