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US Democrats Accidentally Publish Whistleblowers' Email Addresses 352

iluvcapra writes "The US House Judiciary Committee recently emailed all of its potential whistleblowers information about how it was restructuring its whistleblower program. Unfortunately for its sources, it emailed them this information with their addresses in the "To:" field (and not the Bcc: field) It also cc:'d this email to the Vice President. I'd like to think think this is some sort of ingenious subterfuge, but I'm doubtful."

Feed Men should exercise to reduce their risk of broken bones in later life->

Serious fractures are common among older people and can have devastating consequences, particularly if a hip is broken. It is already recommended that women should take exercise to reduce the thinning of their bones, but now research shows that men too can help avoid fractures if they participate in sport or other vigorous activity.
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Feed In Case You Didn't Know: Internet Sales Can't Grow At Ridiculous Rates Forever->

The NY Times wants to make a big deal out of the fact that e-commerce growth rates may be slowing, but that hardly seems like much of a story. Note that they're not saying internet growth is disappearing -- just that the rate of growth is slowing. That's to be expected of any market once it goes mainstream, because you simply cannot maintain the same growth rate on such a large base. You hit diminishing returns. Of course, that's a concept that's been around for ages, so it hardly seems newsworthy to suggest that growth rates may be starting to slow -- even as tremendous growth remains. But, these days, it's fun for the press to poke at the internet. However, if the best they can do is to say that growth rates are hitting their expected diminishing returns, it hardly seems like a real problem. Of course, that didn't stop the headline writer from suggesting this was a sign that people were tiring of buying on the internet -- even if the data doesn't support that conclusion at all.
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Feed Microsoft calls Google out on Windows search integration claim->

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As the two giants edge closer onto each of their respective core markets, the tension gets more pronounced: just last week Google pointed to the integration of search into Windows Vista, claiming to the Dept. of Justice that it discourages people from using other solutions (like Google's Desktop Search) and violates the company's agreement with the Government. This week, Steve Ballmer called the complaint "baseless," and said that the company is in complete compliance with the agreements it has with the U.S. Government. In any case, Microsoft is fighting a losing battle with Google able to use the DOJ as a router for its claims, and Microsoft then forced to defend itself on two fronts. Maybe it might be a good time for Microsoft to consider a policy of opening its platforms a little bit: it's not like the opponent (this time around) is going to go away anytime soon.

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

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eBay's Ill-Timed Lifetime Achievement Webby 316

theodp writes "eBay CEO Meg Whitman will accept a special Webby Lifetime Achievement Award next month on behalf of the eBay Community, which has 'permanently changed the way people connect, discover and interact with each other.' Perhaps by then, people will have forgotten how eBay enabled buyer 'Blazers5505' to hook up with sellers like 'oneclickshooting' just weeks before the worst mass shooting in modern US history, prompting eBay to issue a gun-parts-don't-kill-students-guns-and-ammo-do statement that showed little evidence of its celebrated commitment to social consciousness. CEO Whitman, who received $11.1M last year for her leadership efforts, has kept a low profile since tooting eBay's trust-and-safety horn for Wall Street analysts two days after the Va. Tech rampage."

Scientists Make Quantum Encryption Breakthrough 156

Madas writes "Scientists working in Cambridge have managed to make quantum encryption completely secure (registration required) by putting decoy pulses in the key transmission stream. According to the story this paves the way for safe, encrypted high-speed data links. Could this allow completely private transmission of data away from snooping eyes and ears? Or will it mean film studios can stop movies from being copied when traveling on the internet?"

Creationism Museum To Open Next Summer 1570

Aloriel writes to point out a story in the Guardian (UK) about the opening next year of the first Creationism museum in Kentucky, just over the Ohio border. From the article: "The Creation Museum — motto: 'Prepare to Believe!' — will be the first institution in the world whose contents, with the exception of a few turtles swimming in an artificial pond, are entirely fake. It is dedicated to the proposition that the account of the creation of the world in the Book of Genesis is completely correct... The museum is costing $25 million and all but $3 million has already been raised from private donations." A lot of that money is going into the animatronic dinosaurs, which are pictured as coexisting with modern humans before the Fall. According to the article, up to 50 million Americans believe this. The museum has a Web presence in the Answersingenesis.org site.

Bomb Explodes At PayPal Headquarters 551

Pooua writes to tell us that an explosive device left outside of PayPal headquarters exploded last night. The explosion was powerful enough to knock out one of their plate glass windows but thankfully that was the only casualty of the blast. Perhaps they should have offered employee protection instead?

Ballmer Beaten by Spyware 501

Devil's BSD writes "At a Windows Vista reviewers conference, Microsoft platform president Jim Allchin told a rather amusing story about Steve Ballmer. Apparently, a friend asked him to rid his computer of the spyware and malware that had accumulated over the years. As the story goes, neither Ballmer nor Microsoft's top engineers could fix the infested computer. The article goes on to discuss and compare Microsoft's new security offering, Windows Live OneCare."


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